Monday, January 18, 2010

Introduction to Naturopathy

The Naturopathic medicine is eternal. Throughout history, men are treated with food, plants, water, applications of clay baths, manipulation, etc.. ...

This medicine has been non-violent in the past represented by Tilden and Trall American, German and Schrott Kneipp and the general Khune who laid the foundations of unity morbid, the French Dumont d'Urville, Rouhet, Carton and many others.

More recently, the great popularizers of Naturopathy was the Americans Shelton and Jensen, Thomson English, Portuguese and French Marchesseau Colucci.

Although not recognized in France, hygiene and natural medicines are regarded favorably by allopathic and homeopathic sincere. And for good reason: Naturopathy is above all a health, lifestyle and diet correctly, the only way to maintain healthy human health and restore the patient's chronic.

However, the allopathic or homeopathic doctor did not have time to teach healthy lifestyles. Whatever one may say, there is a triangle in which all medical methods complement each other:

• Allopathy, Emergency Medicine irreplaceable
• Homeopathy, medicine, non-toxic to micro doses of regulatory failures
• The Naturopathic medicine of the deep, restorative health by removing the causes (etiology) disease.

According to the conceptions of CENA directed by Robert MASSON, respect and observance by man of natural factors bring him health. The disrespect and defiance of natural factors result in disease.

The education of Robert Masson result of rational observations, several thousands of consultations and advice to patients and a sensible step.

What applies is reproducible, and based on observations of the overall physiology. His pragmatism is based on an experimental logic that leaves no room for vagueness, and a methodology that naturopathic individually depending on the type of cases.