Thursday, January 21, 2010


More and more people are turning to natural medicine because they see in it a good alternative to conventional medicine. Practicing natural medicine is used primarily by medical practitioners.

What about the training of the healer?

About 70% of the candidates have the Abitur. And they visit a healer school where you teach doctors in several years of training a paramedical knowledge. At the health department then a written and oral examination takes two doctors, in Schleswig-Holstein also held in front of a healer.

Results: Over 80% of all candidates fall at the first Naturopaths Attempt by. So high is the difficulty! And that's a good thing, because a healer like a doctor carries a great responsibility towards his patients.

Can it be that the physicist Dr. Joachim Bublath all this did not really know?

To the basics, how to become medical practitioners. But why did anyone ever take this job? And what additional therapeutic options does the natural healing of the healer to the medicine?

To get answers to these and other questions, we will visit various internal Naturopaths and alternative practitioners to us as part of video interviews about their personal background, their natural healing therapies, and report on their articles and recipes.