Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In practice

A visit to a naturopath is like a visit to a clinical classical. However, the naturopath will probably ask you more questions about your general health, your lifestyle, your eating habits and even your level of stress at work ...

In fact, it will attempt to discover the root causes of your discomfort before intervening. For example, a recurring headache will not be discussed a priori with analgesics. Before discussing treatment, the naturopath will wonder from where the headache: a musculoskeletal disorder, a nutritional problem (low blood sugar, for example), lack of sleep, of undue stress ... And of course, the salaries offered will conform to the naturopathic approach.

Where the law allows the practice of naturopathy, professional associations may provide a register of their members. Elsewhere, it must self-assess the competence of the therapist is checking whether a professional association, what was his training and asking for references.

The first visit usually lasts from 1:00 to 1:30. Subsequent visits are 30-40 minutes. A growing number of insurance companies cover the costs of consulting naturopaths. Should check with their insurer.