Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Homeopathy: an alternative medicine based on plants, animals and minerals!

According to the writings on the origin of homeopathy, it is a form of alternative medicine and more specifically of alternative therapy created by Samuel Hahnemann, German physician (1755-1843). Homeopathy is in fact a method of therapy known as "natural," but especially "non-aggressive. But what is its function?

Indeed, homeopathy is not only a medical theory, but also therapeutic methods because it uses the pharmacopoeia of mineral, vegetable or even animal and at a minimal amount that this conception Medical is based on "law of analogy experimental! In fact, the uniqueness of homeopathic treatment aims not only to determine the physico-chemical constitution, the correctness of the "law of similarity", pharmacodynamic activity, dilutions as Hahnemann as homeopathic medicines, but also the recognition of the "whole concept of individual" where the physical and the psychic are taken into account. When are homeopathic medicines prescribed by doctors? In some cases heart problems, lung, intestine (in Chinese medicine), or even people phlegmatic, choleric or so inherited disorders and personal, aging bodies, physical shock, poisoning, infection, trauma, emotional shock or emotional and abnormalities ...

Note that homeopathic medicines are prescribed by physicians according to certain criteria such as climate, the temporal dimension (time), the symptoms and the condition of the subject ... Regarding the formation of homeopathic medicines, we will use the carbon, fluorine, but also phosphorus!