Sunday, February 28, 2010

Homeopathy explanation

While the effectiveness of homeopathy in acute diseases is now undeniable, and you must cons emphasize that self-medication in this context is not recommended because it does not necessarily facilitate healing, and may be a danger to your health! Furthermore, it is important not to replace a homeopathic treatment by allopathic treatment because they are two forms of alternative medicine and complementary alliables. And herbal medicine in all this? Generally, herbal medicine and homeopathy are therapeutic methods that tend to be confused! In fact, herbal medicine is a sweet, herbal medicine, homeopathy, while in turn, is based on drugs created based on plants, animals (Oscillococcinum), minerals (zinc, arsenic .. .), And even cartilage, urine ..., knowing that these two therapies are offered by the practitioners themselves and the same laboratories.