Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boiron Homeopathic Medicines

In terms of homeopathy, Boiron Laboratories can claim to be true pioneers in the world. Present in the area under this name since the late 60s, the great name of the pharmacy has had a long tradition of art homeopathic. His story begins much earlier, in 1911. Today, the French expert certified homeopathic medicines juggles with a score of foreign subsidiaries and advanced the field of his specialty, with nearly four thousand employees.

Boiron Homeopathic medicines are the result of a half-century of research ever more innovative in the service of a cause. Make available to clients ranges wider variety of preparations totally reliable, as is the motivation behind the daily employees of this giant. This single criterion of reliability, dear Boiron Laboratories, shall be guaranteed by the extraction methods used on their sites and by the careful selection of resources exploited. These include minerals and chemicals, animal and plant on which it makes a very high dilution. A directory with nearly 3,000 strains provides inspiration for researchers from Boiron. Between salt sea snake venoms and arnica among other parties to use are collected by methods combining targeted results - on the quality of drugs - with the legislation in force on the French territory. That is why a particular specification has been established to frame the method the raw vegetable growers proceed.

Whatever their nature, raw materials are checked picky which mobilizes an army of technicians, chemists, botanists and pharmacists. Once selected raw materials, lab pass to the stage of manufacture of the tincture. It is the raw form of the active ingredient from the substance used and is obtained by maceration. For some substances not soluble, tincture is obtained by a method called trituration with lactose.

That, anyway, from this product that you will get varying degrees of dilution, but always respecting the method hanhemannienne. The two letters on the tube of medicine ready to return this level of dilution: CH when it is the hundredth, DH tenth dilutions. Before the drug reaches the form of presentation offered to users, making through another step is impregnation. Boiron Laboratories have to do this, an automatic process, patented in 1961. It is incorporated under a controlled atmosphere, the active principle which will serve as support in the final form of the drug. This may be balls or pellets. Following these approaches, the Boiron homeopathic medicines are supplied to prescribers in various forms. As appropriate, they offer to users of doses or blood tubes granules, the most traditional forms that are associated with specialty Boiron. But the list of medications the brand comes in many forms such as tablets and syrup.

Boiron homeopathic medicines

Eye drops, ampoules, oral single-dose liquid and ointment also meet the drawers of pharmacies, under the blue sign. Ultimately, these products fall into two broad categories. On the one hand, accompanied dosage forms and are suitable for therapeutic indications. They are intended for various diseases affecting the skin and eyes, nervous system and respiratory sphere. Meal for allergies and seasonal diseases also appear in the list. On the other hand, a repertoire of medicines from Boiron research fits all sorts of symptoms, without calling into question the safety of use. So do not be surprised if a doctor prescribes the same name for the case of a headache and nausea in another state. We just refer to a simple manual. It must in particular ensure that the granules are in contact with the hands. Then, for decision, it is to melt under the tongue, without chewing. It is through the microcirculation perlingual that the active principle will operate on the body. The main advantage of this method of administration is that the principle does not pass through the liver which could degrade its effects.