Thursday, March 25, 2010

The techniques of acupuncture

Inspired by Taoism with the duality of Yin and Yang '(two categories symbiotic but complementary existing in all aspects of life and the universe), acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine to treat various diseases . The techniques of acupuncture are based on the construction of very fine needles into the skin and at various points located exactly on the body to improve energy flow as "meridians" (lines traversing the entire body).

Very often, acupuncture is recommended in cases of viral diseases or even small organic and non-lesional. Note that some anesthetics are also made through techniques of acupuncture, without there being side effects and are equally effective. Usually, the effectiveness of acupuncture is not the subject of controversy. Taught as a specialty in Western medicine, acupuncture is a specialization whose cost is supported by Social Security in France. But we must not omit the fact that acupuncturists often exercise this form of traditional medicine in additional fees. Note that the practice of acupuncture requires like any other medical specialty, risk by the impact that this may cause discomfort. For example, the rules of hygiene are very important in regard to these techniques. Why, when using non-sanitized needles, unsuitable or even used for several patients in sensitive areas, the acupuncturist exposes the patient to infections or other adverse effects.