Sunday, May 16, 2010

The essential oil of bitter orange neroli

Very popular in aromatherapy and the perfume manufacture high-end among the essential oil, neroli essential oil of bitter orange is characterized by its fragrance enchanting blend of floral perfume and the odor of orange blossoms. But the peculiarities of this species are not limited to this use very glamorous because it is not devoid of the therapeutic virtues. The Seville orange neroli grows only under specific conditions, hence its rarity that makes the essential oil is extracted is more expensive compared to other essential oils.

Properties and benefits of the essential oil of bitter orange neroli

* A calming effect. The virtues of the essence of neroli, bitter orange based on both the perfume it exhales on the benefits of its active ingredients. The joint action of these two properties gives, in fact, this oil under a sedative. In this context, the essential oil of bitter orange neroli produces a calming effect on the nerves which it regulates the activities. It is promoted as a remedy for insomnia and a state of nervous tension. Moreover, by its calming effect, this essential oil produces a decrease in blood pressure and contributes, thereby slowing the heart rate.

* An ally for the skin. The property soothing essential oil of bitter orange neroli also corrects problems with sensitive skin and rosacea it gently cleanses. In addition to its action to alleviate skin irritations, it is an effective treatment for mature skin. Due to its regenerative property, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles and reduces the marks if they are already installed. Thus, the essence of bitter orange neroli give the skin its elasticity to better enable it to fight against the appearance of stretch marks.

* A sexual stimulant. The essential oil of bitter orange neroli is also known to exacerbate the sensory responsiveness. This action earned him also to be widely used as a massage oil to stimulate sexual desire.

* A regulator for the digestive system. The essential oil of bitter orange neroli is as an excellent remedy against the dysfunctions of the digestive tract (bloating, cramps, etc..)

Precautions Because of the concentration of assets that make up the essential oil of neroli, bitter orange, it is strongly recommended to use it undiluted. Before ingestion, dilute it in the sugar or honey when applied on the skin, mix with the other fats. Have a look at the guide of essential oils Zen Massage Therapy.