Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Massage feet with three essential oils

To restore suppleness and softness to your feet, especially during summer when sandals and bare feet are in the spotlight, this massage oil will be indispensable in your grooming kit.

It contains four essential oils and restorative tonic: From the essential oil of lemongrass, powerful tonic tissues, the essential oil of sandalwood, known for his work in regenerating skin and tissue conditioner, and finally the essential oil geranium, valued for its astringent action.


* 10 ml of almond oil or grapeseed
* 2 drops of essential oil of lemongrass
* 2 drops of essential oil of sandalwood
* A drop of geranium essential oil

1. Pour the almond oil in a small bottle opaque.

2. Add one to one essential oils.

3. Close the bottle and shake vigorously.

4. Massaging the feet each night with this mixture. For efficiency, don a pair of socks and leave immediately after asking all night.

If your skin is especially dry in the heel, before carefully sand the hardened part of skin with a pumice stone black. Your feet will be very soft and refreshed, ready to leave the next day more beautiful!

Caution: Essential oils are handled with the utmost caution, be sure to check the precautions before their uses!