Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Essential oils to fight against stress and anxiety

Aromatherapy also be very effective against stress and anxiety.

Unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils, with their dynamic and volatile molecules, reach our morale and our emotions. With the smell an essential oil emerges, it draws our minds to ease and that a physiological action is taking place in our body. It is advisable to choose essential oils to the odor that are attractive, their effects will be far more beneficial! Have you ever felt a kind of "joy house" smelling a rose? At about the same principle!

The essential oils useful against anxiety:

Rose essential oil
Geranium Essential Oil
Neroli essential oil
Oil of Bergamot
Sandalwood Essential Oil
Oil of German Chamomile or Roman
Essential oil of orange or tangerine

The essential oils useful against stress:

Lavender essential oil
Roman Chamomile essential oil
Neroli essential oil
Essential oil of Ylang-ylang

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