Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Essential oil of lavender grosso

Family: Labiatae
Origin: South of France
Biological name: Lavandula burnatii

Botanical description: This is a hybrid of two species of Lavender: The lavender and wild lavender. The lavender has been developed to give an advantage because its essential oil heads contain more flowers than the original lavender. It has a yield three times higher than other species of lavender, it is now the most cultivated. Its aroma is camphor. Lavandin is a compendium of virtues of different lavenders.

Synergy: Fits perfectly with all essential oils, especially with citrus essences and essential oils of flowers.

Properties: The essential oil of lavender has properties very similar to that of lavender. It is primarily anti-microbial, bactericide and fungicide, it is also local anesthetic, diuretic, vermifuge. Anti-inflammatory, it also acts to relieve rheumatism. Thanks to its strong fragrance, essential oil of lavender grosso promotes expectoration, it is recommended for colds and bronchitis. It is also used by athletes, broadcast, to prepare their muscles by massage, and mental toughness. Its action neurotonic it overcomes the physical and mental fatigue and promotes sleep people anxious or stressed. It can also treat burns, sores or skin irritations.

To allay the problems of agitation:
Lavender essential oil: 20 drops
Mandarin essential oil: 20 drops
Oil of Petit Grain citron: 20 drops
Vegetable oil, jojoba or macadamia: 100ml
Massaging the arch and the solar plexus 3 times a day.

To relieve muscle spasm:
Lavender essential oil: 50 drops
Oil of Rosemary cineole: 20 drops
Vegetable oil, jojoba or macadamia. 50ml
Massage the painful parts with oil.

To relieve the headache:
Lavender essential oil: 50 drops
Basil Essential Oil: 20 drops
Peppermint essential oil: 20 drops
Vegetable oil, macadamia or jojoba 100 ml
Massage the forehead several times a day if necessary.