Sunday, August 15, 2010

What are the weaknesses of Acupuncture?

This is often because of fear caused by needlestick injuries that patients are wary of this therapeutic method. When the needle is planted, a very slight sensation of pain must absolutely occur. It is through this that we see if firstly the desired point has been reached and secondly if it has responded appropriately to the sting. In the absence of reaction, no good result can be expected. In the case of acute diseases, the location of the active point is easy. Chronic diseases sometimes give rise to slightly move the needle tip to the right and left, up and down, to find that point. This process is a bit uncomfortable, but still less than the dentist's drill.

If inaccuracies are made during the meeting, this can cause problems as minor. After the injections, reflex spasms sometimes appear around the needle. This is not dangerous. After making a slight muscle massage, needles are easily removed.

If the hands are rough patches - a result of their frequent sterilization - at the time of their removal, small muscle fibers wrapped around. In this case, the needle should be withdrawn by turning in the opposite direction.

During the acupuncture sessions, keep a half-hour during the same posture may be uncomfortable. And needles may break if we change position. In such cases, they are usually removed using tweezers. If not, consult a surgeon.

During the first session, sometimes a hundred patients, two or three accuse a slight shock effect, come into a state of semi-fainting - dizziness, paleness, cold sweats, nausea. Sometimes lose their minds or vanish. The reason is unjustified fear of the needle or a state of excitement. No book reports the existence of a death which succeeded such a shock. If you experience such symptoms, do not be afraid. They disappear in three or four minutes, especially if the acupuncturist does not forget this time of pressing hard with his finger on the "no help" button on the upper lip below the nose or on the verge autonomic ear.

In this situation, should we continue the meeting? If you do not become afraid of death, it is preferable to continue planting one or two hands lightly on the surface of the skin. After removing all the needles, the acupuncturist will dismiss you if it is truly convinced that "everything is fine" and you're not going to vanish in the middle of the street - not want - behind the wheel.