Monday, August 23, 2010

Action of Acupuncture

What is the mechanism of action of acupuncture?

I do not think the Australian aborigines are perfectly aware of the mechanism of air a boomerang. However, their lack of knowledge of aerodynamics do not prevent them from practical use of this flying object.

This applies to acupuncture. The only honest answer to that question is that we do not know the mechanism of action. But as we are not "primitive", we need to know how it works. And if there is no theory, we need to think about. It would be this:

Acupuncture is a method that works on the body's energy flow. Our inner energy evolves in a circular motion and passes through twelve main meridians that are each connected to one of our organs. This circle is as follows: lung - colon - stomach - spleen - heart - small intestines - bladder - kidney - pericardium - Triple Heater - gallbladder - liver - lung and again. This completes the circle.

It certainly seems strange that the energy portion of the lung to pass through the colon, and after the pericardium is found in the "triple heater." While this may seem odd, it is not no way for the Chinese who are at the origin. The alternative therapy has its own logic.

On each of the twelve meridians is a stock of items. Among them, the more points are considered toning (invigorating) and dispersion (reliever). Simplifying we can say that each has 12 p in his body toning and soothing 12 points. As their name suggests, the action of a needle stick, the heating, a massage or other exercised about toning increases energy in the meridian concerned and therefore in the body there is connected, while the excitation point rejects calming energy.

Where? In another meridian. Bioenergetics in the treatment, while the missing energy is drawn from the outside, the superfluous is simply "thrown" or burned with a candle, until the care with acupuncture we arrive at a combination Energy - harmonization. If it appears that one of the meridians has a surplus of energy, this energy can be transferred where there are few, and vice versa.

To increase the force exerted on the points invigorating and soothing, there are more than two points of intensification. Therefore, for the previous 24 points 12 points plus 12. That makes 48. In the chapter on reflexology, we also processed 12 points of diagnosis. There are a total of 60 points, which represents the "mini stock base" of acupuncture.