Saturday, August 28, 2010

Acupunture : Treatment Result

The results of treatment they depend on qualifications of an acupuncturist?
The most experienced reflexologists arrive ten diseases to treat seven patients, while poor acupuncturists, except pain relief, are capable of nothing else. Why?

The philosophy of acupuncture therapy is quite difficult to understand for someone who "is not Chinese." We must learn a tremendous number of points: they are, at what depth, what are the indications and cons-indications. You must keep a rule of order: the concept of u-sin, in-yan and bou-tse, learn about the diseases caused by "hot" "cold", "hot" and "air" (which unrelated to the climate and topography), how energy flows through meridians, which treat what time of day, and so on. However, most acupuncturists work only on the basis of exclusive recipes ready to be found in the literature. A colleague of mine once told me that: "I learned sixty points that I used all my life. Nothing can force me to learn the sixty-first. "

In addition, do not believe the myth that considers the Chinese people know things that are inaccessible to us. Most of my Chinese colleagues treat the same way that "we", based on examples arrested.

American acupuncturists have conducted an interesting experiment. They divided into two groups of patients with similar symptoms. Both groups were treated by acupuncture, except that in one acupuncture rules were followed strictly and in the other hands have been "stung" by a free design. The healing results were found uniformly good in both groups. This news was so surprised that I myself did an experiment nearby.

The result was as follows: among patients treated in a "free design", many of them after the second or third meeting thanked me for having managed to cure them. There is no witchcraft. Endorphins have been able to anesthetize the pain disappeared. But this only applies for easy cases, including even those who know only 60 points can overcome.