Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Therapeutic Massage

Man (Homo sapiens) became enamored of massage long ago, when he was probably Homo erectus, and will live with until the last member of this living species disappears. The therapeutic effect of massage is spread almost everywhere, with hardly lead to any complications.

Massage relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and lymphatic systems. It runs the capillaries reserve through which the blood and oxygen come in greater quantity in the internal organs. By the end of the first massage (as the doctors say: "from the first needle stick"), the patient feels his physical and nervous tension decrease, its ability to work better, like his general condition.

Massage is one of the foundation stones of natural medicine. Without him, we could talk about the complete process of healing. However, it is very effective against pain, particularly in the acute pain when it is forbidden to practice not to increase the evils. Only experienced masseurs are able to ease the pain.

How to differentiate a good masseur a scamp ?

Arriving for a massage, remember to take a look at the layout of the place. A competent therapist knows that massage is not only a physical effect, but also aesthetic. Thus it should pay special attention to the arrangement of his "middle".
The restaurant could be a similar example. When asked about where to go, we decide often favoring the "middle": the arrangement of the room, the decor, nice music, friendly service, quality food plays a supporting role. "It's not very good, but it's pretty" is often more important than "it's good, but it is not pretty."