Sunday, September 19, 2010

Classical Massage

The masseur must be careful that his office is always at right temperature, there floats a good perfume, a soft music accompanies the massage, the cloth is immaculate cleanliness, and the phone does not ring all five minutes. In the absence of such conditions, the patient can not properly relax physically and mentally. And even if the massage itself is well practiced in any way without proper environment maximum efficiency can be obtained.

There are no regulations concerning the execution unit of the massage. This is an improvisation that depends on the actual situation, the goal of massage which can relax the joints of a ballerina or a sports issue a patient's pain to the column, or relax tone then a healthy person. This is why there are many kinds of massage.

Massage is hard work. A masseur can receive up to ten patients daily or more. In these cases, the greater the temptation to massage "half-steam," performed in a rather sloppy. Lets see what the traditional massage, without sloppy.

Classical massage

This technique consists of four forms of manipulation: smoothing, rubbing, kneading, vibration. Depending on the goal of care, massage can be classical local type, therapeutic, rejuvenating and many others. The general rules of classical massage are:

it should produce no discomfort;
at the household level of pain (sciatica, arthritis), only a superficial massage can be practiced;
the patient should sit comfortably, so that his muscles are released at the most;
the masseur should perform their movements along the lymphatic channels in the direction of the nearest lymph nodes.

Lymphatic flow as the movements of the masseur must follow is shown in the picture below cons using arrows.