Monday, October 4, 2010

Massage, Worldwide A View

Swedish Massage

Compared with the conventional type, this massage is more intensive. The massage movements are more pronounced, more depressed, sometimes even act to deeper tissues. In addition, this massage is not in the direction of lymph flow, but in reverse.

Finnish massage

Here are the thumbs do the kneading for targeting muscles located around the frame. This massage is primarily used in sports.

Massage Spot

It is performed with one finger. In the Chinese version of the massage points, using the same points as in acupuncture, considering the energy flowing in the meridians. In the Japanese version (shiatsu), the meridians and the concept of energy flow do not appear. The massage points on the muscle to improve blood circulation and remove lactic acid residues that have built up the muscles.

Segmental massage

It is exclusively a therapeutic massage. We practice on the body segments that are connected with nerve internal organs. It uses massage the muscles of the neck in migraine and high blood pressure, massage the 7th and 8th vertebrae from the top of the back to improve the functioning of the stomach, and finally massage the sacrum and buttocks to increase the genitals.