Friday, October 8, 2010

Sexual Massage

Massage cupping

To do this, it uses the same suckers (small glass jars) than those placed on the chest and back of children and adults for problems with bronchitis or pneumonia. In this case, however, the cups are not fixed in one place, the therapist moves them by dragging them onto the surface of the skin brushed with a lubricating cream.

Sexual massage

What is truly sexual massage? According to a definition given from a specialist book, massage sexual massage is comparable to conventional segmental or points, except that it is performed to solve the problems of impotence and frigidity. This type of massage is therapeutic rather than sexual. The hallmark of sexual massage is that it includes, besides the usual things, the caress of sensitive areas, to the most erogenous. The onset of climax - or at least attempt to do so - is an organic part of the sexual massage.

Even from afar I do not list all types of massage. In the East, for example, the masseur "wander" on the patient's back while massaging with her heels and toes. Flogging mutual body with a handful of leafy yards - the Russians use in the thermal baths - is also a form of massage.

The massage seems to be the most intelligible part of alternative medicine. How not to understand the effect that the massager kneads the muscles of the patient so to "liquify" the tension and the blood stagnates in us.

Yes, exactly. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Only a few patients and naturopaths have misgivings about the invisible part.