Thursday, October 21, 2010

Acting on chiropractic?

According to the statistics I have myself made on all patients consulting a naturopath, nearly half complained of back pain or joint pain perpetual or temporary.

If a problem column appears at the neck, the pain does not show up in the spine itself. The patient then feels headache, dizziness, poor confidence in his approach. These ills are caused by vascular spasms, and poor irrigation of the brain, while the back muscles hypercontraction created a sense of chronic illness.

Diseases of the spine are the consequences of holding on two legs. In addition, throughout the aging process produces a rarefaction of bone (osteoporosis) and a deficiency in calcium in articular cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Some may observe 30 years already, and others, more lucky, never.

If this kind of diseases can act acupuncture, physiotherapy, homeopathy, bioenergy and even in the healing of bone diseases, the prize goes to chiropractic.

United States, the Department of Health recommends chiropractic as a therapeutic method to treat the basic sharp pains in the spine, back muscles and neck.

In such cases, chiropractic heals more quickly and efficiently as acupuncture or other alternative means of therapy.

Yes but, official medicine? It turns out that she absolutely can not treat the pain above. It is completely unnecessary to turn to a doctor or any specialist "official" for muscle pain or column. In the best case, they send the patient for physiotherapy. According to my findings, physiotherapy is unfortunately far less effective than acupuncture or chiropractic.

Similarly to acupuncture, the success of chiropractic therapy surely depends largely on the qualifications of the specialist. The fact feel and interpret the movement of bones and intervertebral discs is at the level of professional skills of the chiropractor. This also determines the extent to which the diagnosis is correct and effective treatment.