Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Homeopathy is it more attractive to the doctor?

To work, the homeopath needs only a pen, some paper and a good thinking head. No need for special Cabinet, the consultation may well be pursued in a kitchen or on a park bench. Expensive facility is not required. It should not be afraid to prescribe a "bad" drug, because it can do no wrong, he can sleep peacefully.

But these are minor details. The key lies in that homeopathy is an extremely fascinating. The homeopath must also be at the same time practicing psychologist. Good, but not interested in psychology? Strictly speaking, each of us is practicing psychologist. We carry all the psychological classification of each other to the rank of "intelligent", "idiot", "cad" (the latter falling almost a birth category) or "good boy" ("son at her mother" ), "real woman" ("beautiful girl"), "nice".

Homeopathy - when he breaks his head on the destination of the product - is actually the same thing each of us every day, just in another dimension. Would you know what an intelligent person thinks of you? If you're not afraid of losing your own illusions, go to a homeopath. In the following pages you will find the names of products that the homeopath's practice to prescribe. That is to say that depending on the medicine you are prescribed, it considers you as well.

Homeopathic products are not only prescribed on the basis of psychological characteristics, but also physical symptoms. There are "small ball" purely constitutional and psychological, such as phosphorus, belladonna or platinum, others purely symptomatic, in the strict sense. The homeopath does not establish a diagnosis, it treats the symptoms: headache, coughing, polyuria, etc..

Treatment without diagnosis is something mysterious. From the perspective of conventional medicine, is nonsense. According to an alternative perspective, this poses no problem insofar as "small ball" not acting against the headache or cough, but stimulate self-regulated body, doing away with the migraine, asthma and who knows what else.