Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What is the Homeopathic Constitution?

Different types of people belong to it, which relate physical and mental faculties and a predisposition to disease. Each type is named after a homeopathic remedy whose action on it is most effective. That's why the homeopath, as he examines the patient, working to "conform" to a product profile. He then asked strange questions, like "in childhood, were you the type to eat chalk? ".

The constitution homeopathic sometimes coincides with the classification of the individual in Leonhard, being however much more varied. It includes all basic types and complementary. As to how many of these specialist uses - ten, thirty, three hundred - it depends on the knowledge he gained from literature and his good memory.

I present below some brief constitutional data (psychological type) and pathogens (basic symptoms) of homeopathic products, among which you can choose what you want. The fact is that homeopathic products can be purchased without a prescription.

Silver nitrate (Argentum nitricum)

Constitution: thin, pale, restless, always in a hurry, the face of martyrdom, neurotic. This kind of character, like Pinocchio, carved into the wood of Italian tale, constantly agitated and does everything upside down. His words are waves of words, his writing is often illegible, and he omits punctuation. He is unable to manage his time, he's late for everything. With him is disorder. He does not know where anything is, and always looking for something. Impatient, he can not wait. He loves sweets, but can not be eaten in large quantities.

General statement: diseases of the money type people match their psychological character. They are all of "nervous origin", such as impairment, frequent headaches, dizziness, various phobias, primarily dizziness, polyuria "due to fear", diarrhea, stomach pain, asthma "nervous" , skin diseases.

If you belong to this type of person, you can change your overall remaining fresh air and learning how not to fix your attention on thoughts "frightening".