Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homeopathy Medicines Part 2

Copper (Cuprum metallicum)

Constitution: readers surely remember the boxing world champion Mike Tyson, who sometimes ended up in prison for sexual abuse, sometimes in the ring has bitten the ear of his opponent in the heat of the action. Copper is a character so surly, rude, unpleasant, musty, unbalanced, which in its furious grind everything that comes to hand. The individual copper type does not like somebody touches, like he can not stand but stand near him, and in general he does not mix with others. If he has no distinctive individuals, however his anger and his eyes are always representative of unpleasant person.

General statement: nature predestined to a sore irritated condition. In the "man of copper", spasms and convulsions are typical. Trigger bronchial spasms asphyxiating seizures, spasms, intestinal colic, constipation and diarrhea, while vascular spasms cause hypertension and frequent headaches. These acute spasmodic pain begin suddenly and disappear as they appeared. Epilepsy, nervous agitation, stammering, phobias, leg cramps at night waking the individual characteristics of this malware.

Directions: If representatives copper type with those around them behave so only malicious, they love each other very much themselves. This is why command of the Bible "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" would be for them the most effective remedy. If one tries to force this person to stay in bed, it only worsens his condition. The work therapy is much more useful in his case.

Natrium (Natrium-mur)

Constitution: natrium mur is commonly known as salt. Lovers of pickles and salted herring are very sensitive, enthusiastic, capable, whiners, caring and loving family members. At the same time, they are vengeful: they never forgive offenses received, remember everything, live with their memories of "injustices" are often taken hysterical and can not bear to be comforted. During childhood, this nature is often the cause of conflicts with older children.

People like natrium as low mentally and physically. Bags under the eyes and skin moist characterize them.

General statement: how our condition would he react after swallowing more than half a glass of salt? We would thirst and headache, then come up-the-heart, vomiting, diarrhea. If we swallowed a whole glass, in addition to previous symptoms of heart rhythm disorders, asthma, anemia. These diseases are characteristic of the individual "salt". This type of individual has no design problem. Precisely why homeopaths prescribe products natrium women who "can not" get pregnant.

Directions: a supine position and a cure sudorific improve their overall condition.

Homeopathy Medicines Part 1

Platinum (Platinum metallicum)

Constitution: platinum is a precious metal, the representatives of this type - like Margaret Thatcher - behave as if they themselves were treasures unrivaled. They are beautiful and proud people, "aware of their values," cruel and demeaning those around them. If a woman like platinum has not become a celebrity, then it suffers from megalomania, sees himself as a queen, a princess if challenged returning to his throne "on the corpses of others." For her, the husband - like all other men - that is small change: it is just right for serving. All the people around him are trivial and unworthy of her. The woman was born to meet platinum Man, that is to tell the truth - the "knight on a white horse," sooner or later it exchanges without thinking for a knight in Mercedes. There is hardly anyone who could satisfy the hyper-sexual creature. If sexual fondling him cause an orgasm, the act itself makes him lose consciousness.

General statement: he finds his nature. His frequent hysterical reactions lead to depression, headaches, hypochondria, and its sexual virtues number of gynecological diseases.

Directions: it is good that people follow the aphorism: "If a woman is wrong, ask her forgiveness." With this, they can halve the hysterical woman's "platinum".

Calcium carbonate (Calcium carbonicum)

Constitution: the right character, together, determined, predictable, neat, very talkative, trustworthy, persistent, loyal, disciplined, practical and stubborn. Calm temperament. This is an individual who has a sense of responsibility. It does not renounce its principles: victory or death. It is logical constitution, emotionally balanced. His actions are settled, their approach is military, it certainly sits. He is not happy, but not fussy either. He has little fantasy, the tasks assigned to it must be explained in detail, otherwise it gets lost. He knows exactly what he wants. He does not like change. If anything, it's a safe bet, "no return". It is man's monotonous work, it works easily on a treadmill. Child, he did not play loud. He has few friends, but his friendship "lasts until the grave."

General statement: Calcium is the building block of bone. The weakness of the individual type of calcium is bone. It usually feels pain in the spine and joints, in addition to being often affected by other illnesses such as headaches, allergies, heart pain, sexual problems.

Indications: Because his bones do not bear the wet and cold, it is best in autumn and winter this person dresses well, like a trip to the North Pole. In addition, the full moon it does not plan intensive work, because in this period it is not at his best.