Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chromopuncture Treatments

The chromopuncture (treatment with patches of color, according to Peter Mandel) is an irradiation points, or regions of the skin, with light colored. At the theoretical basis of chromopuncture is the principle meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to Peter Mandel, meridians act as a "light pipe system. When acupuncture points or specific areas of skin are irradiated with light colored, it reaches the organs and organ systems affected by the meridians. Another basic element of the chromopuncture is the theory that different wavelengths of light colored, contain different information. When the colored light brings the information in the body, they balance the vibrations and jarring cells can regain their basic harmonious vibrations.

Poultices / Wraps
Poultices and wraps are a particular variant of Hydrotherapy: the use of water to prevent and treat diseases. The effects of hydrotherapy on the body are numerous. For example, cold water causes contraction of blood vessels, which stimulates blood flow. A poultice or wrap is composed of several layers: a cold and wet is covered by one or two layers dry. The effect of a poultice depends, among other things, the duration of treatment. It speaks of a heating treatment when the poultice is left 45 to 60 minutes on the body. This type of poultice stimulates the metabolism. You can vary the effects of treatment by using additives such as, oak bark to stimulate the contraction of blood vessels. A poultice is a wrap that covers more than half of the body.

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