Friday, May 20, 2011

Injection Musical

That treats the "injection Musical"?

You probably already got that on hearing background music you involuntarily start to beat time to nod. The circulatory system and respiration respond similarly unconscious. Experience has shown that after stopping the tape recorder, the pulse of the individuals examined had changed, like a pause between inspiration and expiration.

The pace is part of our lives. Day and night, ebb and flow, spring and autumn, wake and sleep, work and rest, daily biorhythm, phases emotional, physical and intellectual characterize our entire life, including internal organs, nervous and hormonal system, and the flow energy through the meridians. With the rhythmic nature of biological processes occurring in our bodies, we save a significant amount of energy that we need the order prevailing in our bodies and our health. Similarly, the musical rhythm - through the balance of biological rhythm - promotes the economical use of energy and harmony of the body.

Each has its own rhythm. This is determined by the constitution and hereditary factors, and embodies the rhythm characteristic of an individual. If we fall ill, it is the breaking of this particular individual rhythm disturbance that causes the flow of energy.

Do you determine your "rate of neurosis?

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