Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aura, Chakras

At that time, I make a common work with your aura, your chakras and your internal organs. Meanwhile, I figure that my hands go into your body, "palp" your stomach, your kidneys, your pancreas. In case of degeneration of a tissue, I feel empty and cold, and if one of your organs finds inflammation, I perceive a sensation of warmth or burning. Of course a degeneration can also be added inflammation, resulting in a mixed feeling.

I "recharge" the body into energy running "half-steam," I cherish the inflamed mucous membrane, I "applies balm" on an ulcer, I "clean up" the spine. Or I do what Hippocrates taught: "subtract the superfluous and supplement what is missing." As you can see, I proceed to a diagnosis not only initially but also throughout the session. I do not intervene in your "matrix carmat", otherwise known origo energy. I can only deal with your illness. The matrix is your parental inheritance. It can be good or bad. I have no right to change it.

The dentist is required to remove the tooth roots necrotic component of disease outbreaks. As for me, I am required to remove the roots of parasitic diseases your energy.

Therefore, while he works with his hands, naturopath away signs of illness received, cutting them and rejecting them. In other cases, I guess my arms are tubes of vacuum cleaners that suck unnecessary impurities found in you.

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