Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yin Yang is born

At the top of the Yin Yang is born. Emerges at the top of the Yin Yang. Yin and Yang are relative. Thus, in the Yang, there is the Yin and Yang in the Yin there is the Yin and Yang. For example, in the movement of expansion which is the Yang, there are major expansions and small expansions. The vast expansion corresponds to the general Yang and small expansion corresponds to the small Yang.

When we start the Tai Chi Chuan, we see a bodily sensation during exercise. With slow movements and precise, we can feel this feeling fine, that we ignore in our daily lives. You may be wondering what is this feeling? Perhaps nothing but the pleasure of developing the finesse of our sensibility and also feel that our body lives. Personally, I remember the good feeling I had felt the first time in my back and the trunk of my body to make a single block, while my limbs moved independently.

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