Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Type Hyperthimique

The type hyperthimique (hypomanic)

The hypertimique an individual is "fast" choleric temperament. It is always in motion. His ideas parading one after another, and new ones form, until he has forgotten the first. It is the type to bed late and getting up early. He undertook a hundred things at once, and as he gets tired quickly of all, it is rare to see him finish something. He is always in a hurry, heading, trying to help someone, to call, always makes promises and then forgets to deliver. All day it is traveling, eating little, a staggering number of people are part of "business", everybody seeks it and can attach to only rarely, he still has debts, couple relationships are unstable (it does not stay long on the side of someone, because he get tired quickly). This individual is not like, "So what are you talking about? "-" Nothing special, as usual. " On weekdays, he sometimes at least as much as anyone else in a year.

It's an interesting character, who usually draws the other, lies at the heart of a company, is an excellent speaker and has a good humor.

The type dysthimique

This figure is according to the psychiatric terminology "sub-depressive," he is pessimistic on a daily basis.

If we were to express in brief what this person said, it would look like: "everything is bad." If it is possible to interpret an event in two ways - a good and a bad side - the pessimist finds only the negative side ("It rained a lot, do a good production? "-" No, the rain has soaked everything. Nothing will grow. "). If something can not be interpreted as well (your daughter was admitted to the university), the pessimist can only accept a negative way ("What are they going to teach him there, to from drinking and smoking? "). If the pessimist is surrounded by a wonderful family, this may mean for him that "I am a burden to everyone, I'm just steal their time, they spend too much money for me." The pessimist always looks and feels a misfortune, as he considers the events in accordance with this expectation and the feeling.

This kind of character is indeed a heavy weight around her. It is particularly difficult for his family having to endure the dark energy it releases depression. It is virtually impossible to convince such an individual of the opposite of what he thinks. In more serious cases, he sees this kind of attempt to convince the only evidence of his own uselessness. Unlike the demonstrative type of person he is genuine suicide attempts.