Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hypnosis Rauschienne

It is a momentary hypnosis that only professionals are capable of causing. A doctor named Rausch was the first to use this very long for the first time not hypnosis, but the narcosis. Narcosis Rausch done "with a cudgel." In addition, with a real club. While the patient was unconscious, he was "the other side" was practiced on him while the operation necessary.

In hypnosis type Rausch, instead of clubbing the hypnotist uses powerful tools, unexpected, breaking all stereotypes and model. One of my colleagues was used to begin his lectures in the following way: once filled the auditorium, the speaker appears on the scene (a former colleague of the patient) and start saying in a voice designed - Dear friends, we are gathered today to ... "Sleep! "- Suddenly sounded behind the scenes in a thundering voice of the hypnotist. The speaker then fell into catalepsy (tetany). Then, the "maestro" himself appears on stage in a white suit, and says in a voice soft and serene to the public in a trance: "The theme of my presentation is hypnosis."

Or another example. In the late 1980s, Anatoly Kachpirovski, psychotherapist, so "fashionable", held in homes of the culture of hypnosis for the whole room. Many would have liked to get him an individual consultation, but he was not receiving patients on a case by case basis. On the one hand, he did not "linger" with each person separately, and secondly even if he wanted, he could not handle all the volunteers. Despite this, some still managed to persuade him to receive them individually. A young man (with a size of about two meters) was determined to quit. Anatoli gave her "appointment" in the hallway of the sports hall, after the "show" action. After several weeks of waiting, from the price of superhuman efforts through the circle of police preventing anyone from approaching the "miracle worker", the young man was, as they say, "on edge". What the maestro also knew, why he had opted for the method "Rausch". The young man waiting patiently in the hallway scroll saw in his mind an image after another: the great hypnotist would lead him in a "special", do sit in a comfortable chair, then a soft voice and magic begin sleep. But why can not he? The show is already long gone. Where can it be? He has still not forgotten? But no, here he comes! Now he will take my hand! Now!

Kachpirovski has not taken his hand as he did not start to fall asleep. He simply approached him, gave him a shot in the back and a booming voice ordered him: "Do not smoke anymore! ! ! "And then continue his way quietly.
The great colossus remained there, trampling a few minutes, speechless, then he went home. After that, he never smoked.

Hypnosis Classic

We are in the office of the hypnotist. The therapist makes you sit in a comfortable chair and an equal voice, monotonous, boring, suggests: "Your eyelids are heavy, your body is relaxed, you feel a pleasant warmth, you fall asleep slowly."

What the patient feels at this point? Nothing. If you expect the emergence of a sense inconceivable, then I have to disillusion you. Slight drowsiness, the low murmur of the psychotherapist, and meanwhile you keep full control of the situation. Well yes, that's what it's like hypnosis. Hypnosis itself is a thing, apparently, you do not realize.

But how the psychotherapist finds there that you're under hypnosis? When your face is symmetrical, the skin on your face is tinged slightly pink and moist is when your breathing is calm and deep, you stand motionless in a sitting position, your eyes (if open) cillent rarely if you stopped to swallow, it means you're under hypnosis.

The psychotherapist who practices hypnosis is presumed to have passed the stage of the disease of "hypnosis to hypnosis" or "good, well now I'm going to hypnotize." Because the remedy is not hypnosis, but the suggestion therapeutic trance.

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