Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doctor Of The Soul

Which may be "doctor of the soul"?

Individuals from more different in terms of their training and their work are able to help others who, themselves, suffer from psychological problems. Carl Rogers - one of the most famous humanistic psychologists of our century - in this context, writes: "an effective psychotherapist is someone capable of being openly himself, even if it descends to the depths of his soul. Probably nothing else matters from this point of view."

In other words - although in most countries the "medicine of the soul" requires obtaining various types of documents (degrees) - the success of therapy depends primarily on the inner qualities of the therapist or its ability or inability to put his lifestyle and personality in the service of aid vis-à-vis others.

I do not mean by this that it is not useful for a psychotherapy also has special knowledge. These "special knowledge" are fed from two main sources: psychiatry, which is a branch belonging to medicine and clinical psychology, which is a distinctive area of psychology. To this can be added in the third place of natural medicine.

I well remember how I felt when, after several years of psychiatry, I wanted to stop this activity to practice psychotherapy in private practice. I thought then that the two were identical and were one. When the first patients have presented in my study, I felt incompetent and insecure. It turned out that my experiences in psychiatry, only a small part was "reusable" in psychotherapy. Apart from drug therapy, psychiatry itself differs from psychotherapy in that the design system is almost incompatible; the methods of treatment "mental", they are virtually nonexistent.

I did not know how to talk to patients, how to give them in forty minutes of this meeting why they had contacted me. I did not know how to treat the patient. When I ordered prescriptions, I felt that at this point, we needed something else. And this "something else", I had to learn it from scratch. It took me from the U.S. to know "what is what."

Four Professionals

Experts of the four following professions treat mental problems:

The psychiatrist

The psychiatrist is a physician with a specialist qualification and cares for people "really" mentally ill. Unlike the psychologist and psychotherapist who, themselves, treat patients, mentally healthy, but having such and such health problems, physical or mental. Today however, many psychiatrists also have a degree in psychotherapy.


Psychologists, for five years at university, the laws address the study of mental life, but learn very little of practical methods to help them care for mentally ill people. They have the opportunity to learn this the one hand, in practice, on the other part of training in clinical psychology.

The psychotherapist

Officially, the therapist is a specialist who, besides his medical degree and / or psychologist - after further intensive training - also obtained a diploma certifying his competence in psychotherapy. Even if Hungary medical training requires knowledge of psychology increasingly large, when someone chooses a psychotherapist, it must reflect the basic training of the latter insofar as it affects the method.


As I said earlier, Hungary naturopathy can appear formally as a psychotherapist. That said, the activity of a good naturopathy is inseparable from psychotherapy. "Psychotherapy is a therapeutic intervention through direct human communication" - written László Tringer1. This is also true for a significant part of natural medicine.

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Historical Overview

Brief Historical Overview

Psychotherapy is apparent when the primitive man, after learning the 30 most frequent words ("we", "owl", "oh", etc..), Came to more complicated ("go", "both worse, "" it sucks "). At that time, then surely people knew how to calm down, take comfort, to take pity on each other. Whoever has done more often than others became the first psychotherapist.

AD, the early history of psychotherapy is probably the Viennese doctor Franz Anton Messmer, who solemnly believed cure "magnetism", when in truth he was using hypnosis, suggestion, bioenergy, therapy show and the induction group.

In the twentieth century, psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy have their tracks in Europe and the United States began to change dramatically. Various schools and trends are created. It was common that psychologists do not understand them, they use differing terminology and have enough knowledge of fuzzy ideas belonging to other trends.

A list, even synthetic, different types of psychotherapy would be impossible to enumerate in such a small chapter. However, his close relationship with psychology justified to mention the four types of designs on which psychologists deal with today's psychological problems of individuals.

Biological Conception

In the individual, psychological phenomena are undoubtedly closely related neuro biological processes occurring in the body, the electrical and chemical phenomena occurring inside the body, primarily in the brain and nervous system .

The biological approach can explain many things in terms of functional disorders and operation of the business of learning, memory, motivation and feelings, etc.. But is far from understanding the individual in its entirety, which is probably the most complex system of the universe.

Therapies using the biological approach to solve most problems with psychological treatment with drugs.


The behaviorist psychologist interested in the behavior of the individual and considers what happens "inside man" as being outside the scope of scientific research.

Under this approach, most behaviors are related to learning from rewards-punitions2, behavioral disorders can be treated by relearning.

This principle provides the basis for such therapy confrontation (Goethe was well cured himself of his agoraphobia in order to climb the tower of the Cathedral of Salzburg), the assertion training aimed at develop self-confidence, cognitive therapy offers a positive and rational-emotive therapy.

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