Monday, March 14, 2011

Homeopathy Medicines Part 7


Constitution: "Donna" is a light blond beauty wrapped lightly. His eyes are like two points azure blue ocean, with huge pupils. Her skin is soft and sensitive. In short, it's Marilyn Monroe or the dream of almost all southern men. Incidentally, the Nordic type of man does not pass by this precious lady with physical acting without noticing. That said, it is much easier to get to know you might think. The "Belladonna" have an erotic nature and living are open and have a fertile imagination. They react sensitively to the impulses: they tressautent at the slightest noise, resent travel, strong light, the perfumes delivered. Within a day, their mood changes as often as time in a month.

General statement: in these wonderful beauties, this is not just the romantic ballads that parade with lightning speed, diseases too. If one day they suffer from angina, cold or bronchitis, then it is certain that their reactions are increasing: their fever rises, they are soaked in sweat and have convulsions. He is also obvious that these fragile creatures often have headaches, dizziness, neuralgia. It is common to see home blood pressure "whim" of intrauterine bleeding and insomnia.

Directions: it will do well to "Belladonna" to make him take the air, then tuck into a warm bed, lights out and leave a moment alone in the silent room.

Ericksonian Hypnosis

This kind of hypnotic trance has been developed by an American psychologist, Milton Erickson. The hypnosis is the limit of the boundary of the fantastic. Erickson, as if it did incidentally, plunging the patient into a trance during a single discussion. The patient does not realize - while during the discussion, still sitting in the same place, eyes wide open, he answered the questions - he was under hypnosis. Today, many scholars have adopted this method. I will immediately tell you what to expect after knocking on the door of their office.

The session begins with what is called the "adjustment". During the discussion, the therapist takes the same body position as you. If you remember, then it is useless to continue. If however you do not realize, after the "mime" the posture, the hypnotist begins to adapt his breathing. Is it consistent breathing to yours, or it starts to move one of its members on your breathing, for example, waving his hand on the measure, or even begins to speak only when you breathe (because we say the words ending). When the therapist said something just as you exhale, it is readily apparent in the illusion that you are your own inner words.

By taking the rhythm of the patient, the psychotherapist "follows" a moment later he "passes". For example, two-breaths are continuing a moment together, then the hypnotist slowly begins to change the rhythm of his breath. If the patient also changes in relation to the latter, this means that the latter "follows" or the connection is successful.

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