Friday, April 1, 2011

The Emotion

They are individuals accommodating, generous, open, receptive, compassionate and helpful. Chekhov called them "little souls". They are unable to bear the suffering of others. If someone is crying, the little soul is ready to make his tear. These people often come to cry while watching a movie or reading a book, as they "live" content. They really like kids and animals love "to share their happiness and misfortune" to others, and have a high regard for the theater and artists.

And you, what kind of personality do you belong? Sometimes it is possible that this is the first thing the psychologist and psychotherapist find. As to what he does next, it all depends on its specialization. What I shall now describe is not intended in any way be a complete and detailed psychotherapy.

I only wish to demonstrate that psychotherapy is not limited to "Close your eyes ... you feel fine now ... open your eyes ... you're in good shape ..." but is much more than that and is a great interest.

Methods of Mental Development

To deal with stress, to eliminate conflicts of psychological or physical, in addition to psychotherapy, you can take part in courses such as "learn to control yourself." These are the autogenic training, meditation, Silva Mind Control method, etc..

The training or autogenic training

The psychotherapy sessions involve comfortable armchairs, soft carpet, a music "transcendental" and the haunting voice of the psychologist. The activities performed in this setting usually become openly or diverted in hypnosis. Number of patients then arise the question "What will I do after the sessions? ". I recommend as an indication to proceed with autogenic training. Like meditation, it is an individual exercise relaxation, which can be done without psychotherapist. And of course, not only for the purpose of relaxation, as it is simultaneously an exercise agreement.

The actors, athletes or drivers are not alone in having to have an ability to concentrate, it affects everyone. By assimilating the method of autogenic training, you can quickly put an end to the influences of stress, tension, and within 15-20 minutes, relax completely and regain your energy. Just as you can in this way learn how to relieve pain without using drugs.

Learning to autogenic training does not require a lot of information. On commitment to regular practice is much more important. In the process of self-improvement, the word "training" plays a key role.


Homeopathy Medicines Part 8

St. Ignatius bean (Ignatia amara)

Constitution: in my experience, the most common type in Hungary. Its characteristic is an inner tension in non-mentally transformed. What kind of women are proud and confident. They react as a result of intense stress. They have not mastered their inner selves, but show a calm exterior. Their nervous system is like a bow string taut in the extreme: he does not miss much to loose it. But when there is no place to hide the pain and release tension, the consequences are inevitable crisis, divorce, even suicide. Although the underlying problem is stress, "Ignatius" is still unable to cry on someone's shoulder. At best is when she is alone, but only this time naturally, she indulges in tears. She wants to solve its problems alone. Jealous, she saw the criticism as a tragedy.

General statement: similarly to copper, "Ignatia" thin and dark hair suffer from spasms, not caused by anger, but by an inner tension mentally untransformed. His introversion can be characterized by the following: general weakness, headaches, feeling of having a "ball in the throat", heart pain, stomach ulcers, insomnia, fibroids, benign.

Directions: If you have such a mental habit, but you can free yourself from your "dirt" mentally in front of other people, then you must do it alone. If you must cry, do it. Say aloud what you've accumulated mentally. Enclose a photo of your offending and throw it against the wall. Stop smoking. Do not hide behind a calm exterior: this helps in any way.

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