Friday, April 22, 2011

Homeopathy Medicines Part 10

Pulsatile (Pulsatilla)

Constitution: "pulsatile" is feminine, his chubby face, his movements graceful, elegant, her skin is delicate and gentle nature. The fundamental qualities of such a person stand out from all other homeopathic: it requires an emotional warmth, and cajoling, support, attention and reassurance, she seeks to answer some genuine kindness. It looks like a generous nanny. From the outset it wants good and kind to everyone, it's easy to exchange words with her, at worst it is silent to avoid hurting anyone. She apologizes and asks permission for everything.

Its characteristics are gentle, peaceful nature, shyness, tenderness, sadness, sensitivity, compassion. She feels sorry for everyone, like herself. Soap operas soap opera kind of make it cry. The girl is a little housekeeper, the boy loves giving kisses. Children or adults, they are equally sensitive to criticism. The slightest compliment makes them happy, but one small point them brings tears to my eyes. They are always afraid of having done something wrong.

General state of good health is frequently disturbed by gynecological problems, endocrine and blood pressure in vegetative character, and various digestive disorders. This person is kind of chilly. It is often cold, bronchitis or catch other inflammatory diseases, when others in the same environment remain healthy.

Directions: If you are "throbbing," do not be afraid to consult a naturopath. Your kind and gentle nature will quickly achieve good results regardless of the alternative method used.

Homeopathy Medicines Part 9

Lycopodium (Lycopodium clavatum)

Constitution: office workers fall into this category. They have constitutions stiff and gaunt, weak muscles, a pale, wrinkled, showing sadness acrimonious aging prematurely. They are people devoid of humor and sensitivity. Leo Tolstoy had with the husband of Anna Karenina that nature.

General statement: mentally bilious nature predisposes to problems related to bile: hepatitis, gallstones, gastroenteritis, constipation, hemorrhoids. Just as frequent kidney stones, colds and chronic eczema.

Indications: general state of "lycopodium" can improve if he gets into the habit of doing, well dressed, long walks in the evening.

Nux Vomica (Nux)

Constitution: type "nux vomica" like a dictator. Temperamental aggressive, dominating, are typical representatives Otello, Mussolini, Stalin, Yeltsin. The round face and gray, belly bulging, open collar, looking sluggish. He likes giving orders, shouting, "apply pressure". He considers himself a leader, even if it is a mere caretaker. He is constantly agitated and impatient. He sits with legs apart and look at people like a boa satisfied: "I'd eat well, but it's not yet time." He is terribly jealous. He likes spicy food and can drink lots of alcohol. Alcohol makes him suffer, but he can not imagine life without. He loves a picnic, where he himself can cook his chops. In general, it is a night owl.

General condition: a patient-like nux vomica, the homeopath can frankly ask the question: "Is it every other day or every five days you're constipated? "Without express doubts as to whether said patient is suffering from colic, high-heart-on, vomiting, pressure in the liver. Other features include: headache, hypertension, joint pain, insomnia, tremor of limbs or head, depression, alcoholism, sexuality coupled with erection problems and irregular periods in women.

Directions: For this kind of person he is preferable to perform a job that does not require getting up early to observe a healthy diet and regular, and chew food. The state of this type of individual is generally worse in late morning and just after eating, because of the feeling of irritation and of "being full".

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