Thursday, May 5, 2011

Homeopathy Medicines Part 12

Finally, I present below a preparation which is neither original nor mineral plant, but made from something exotic.

Snake venom (Lachesis muta)

Constitution: A snake bite often causes extreme reactions. Like for example a continuous speech whose theme is constantly changing. Lenin, Hitler or Fidel Castro are "men-snake venom" typical. These individuals are part of a loquacious, hypersensitive, apparently open, and the other proud, jealous, delusional ideas, such as "spicy." They are easily trained, really hypnotize their listeners with a mountain of nonsense style and disarming.

General statement: once in the blood, snake venom causes inflammation of internal organs, effusions of blood and blood poisoning. Throughout his life, the individual type of snake venom frequently encounter such diseases.

Indications: typical symptoms of "individuals snake venom" growing under the influence of sunlight, heat and alcohol. They are advised to avoid them. He urged them to stay rather cool air, which lowers those symptoms.

Dear readers, you are now able to include more or less on what types of mental constitution is based homeopath to determine the characteristics of a patient - or rather the medicines that are necessary. This is not surprising if the naturopath's most popular and that his method is the queen of natural medicine.

Homeopathy Medicines Part 11

Grass lice (Stafisagria)

Constitution: the characteristics of such a person resident in being perpetually dissatisfied with everything, irascible, quick-tempered and touchy. Child, he is a hateful, screaming, stamps, breaks everything, slaps his head against the wall, and "extort" anything he wants with his parents. Adult, that person is not better: it does not stop arguing, with or without reason it is always ready to rush. It never ceases to whine and complain. Although she has three closets full of clothes, "she never did anything to get." Her husband is handsome set of four for her, he remains a "pitiful beggar," unable to ensure that Rockefeller was his personal secretary.

General statement: It is entirely as it appears above. If by chance this person must control his impulses, she accused of weakness, fatigue, headaches, depression, mood she will do nothing except laze around and threaten her suicidal ideation. Frequent is the appearance of eczema in her "nervous origin", nausea and diabetes.

Directions: These people have to eat little and often. If they eat at once, their condition deteriorates. It is dangerous that they "look at the bottom of the bottle" because they easily become dependent on alcohol. Their nervousness will disappear if they take a bath or lie in bed a while warm and cozy.

Shiraz Malbec

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