Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Workplace And Health Risks

Victim of bullying in the workplace and health risks

Mobbing term used to describe violence and bullying at work. Bullying is also be familiar with as psychological terror, bullying, injuries in the workplace, hostile work environment, emotional abuse and emotional abuse. Bullying in the workplace does not just affect a person's capabilities to perform the job, but it also affects his physical and psychological.

Victim of bullying at the workplace should be aware of health risks that the causes of psychological abuse. And if not for anything else, the person must receive steps to stop this terror for the sake of his health. Bullying at work can lead the victim to develop the disorder PTSD. This means that the person would have to be considered for therapy to help her depression and be on drugs if his condition is bad.

Bullying at work can lead the victim to develop a headache, chest hurt, nausea, muscle aches, chronic headaches, chronic stomach problems, backaches and other physical ailments. All physical problems are psychosomatic in nature. On a psychological level, it can develop depression, insomnia suffer from anxiety or anger. Mobbing also led to fresh and enjoy less unreasonable and imprudent behavior.

However, the researchers found the most victims of bullying at the workplace are very aggressive. These people have low tolerance levels and this makes them lose their cool easily, even at a lower stimulus. Anxiety is another problem that many victims suffer. They have low self-esteem, do not trust anyone, and do not completely trust them or their relatives.

Circumcision of health risks

According to statistics available from the World Health Organization, nearly 664.5 million males aged 15 and over had circumcision and out of that 70 percent of men are Muslims. Circumcision is widespread in Muslim countries, some countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, the United States, the Philippines, Israel and South Korea.

Although it is rare, but there is circumcision health risks that anyone considering circumcision should be aware. According to the American Medical Association, the most general complication of circumcision is the blood loss and infection. Bleeding can however be interrupted by the application of pressure.
Usually, if circumcision is performed immediately after birth, the risk of complications is very rare. But in some cases, complications arise, which can range from cellulitis to necrotizing fasciitis of the circumcision scar.

A major health risks circumcision if the narrowing of the opening of the urethra, a condition be familiar with as meatal stenosis. These develop in babies who are circumcised at birth. It is estimated that since the foreskin is there to protect the meatus, ammonia from urine in wet diapers tend to irritate the opening of the urethra. When a person suffers from a meatal stenosis, he had hurt on urination, incontinence, urination and bleeding after a urinary tract infection.

Another health risk of circumcision is the removal of too much or too little skin. If too little skin is removed, the child may develop phimosis in adulthood. If too much skin is removed, the glans penis is left without protection, which could lead to ulceration of the glans. Other circumcision including concealed the health risks penis, urinary fistulas, chordee, cysts, lyphedema, necrosis of element or all of the penis and impotence.

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