Monday, May 16, 2011

Basic Exercise 3

Front Free: close your eyes and relax yourself. Focus passively on the freshness of the air that touches your forehead.
This exercise can increase mental performance, eliminates the headache. Do not attempt explicitly to feel cold on your forehead. This causes spasms in the cerebral veins. The sensation of cold must be very slight.

Calm Calm: learning from this exercise may be initiated only after having assimilated all of the above.
Lie down or sit comfortably, knees bent. Close your eyes and relax yourself. Perform the exercises until the end of "breath", "weight" and "heat". Then, focus on passively calm. Even if you are very tense, try nevertheless to focus a bit on the trigger. Autogenous the state, continue to exercise the "fresh face".

The above exercises are the foundation of autogenic training. This list may be supplemented by other elements of auto-suggestion, but assumed to rely on something presence, to be brief and to forget the use of negative wording "no." For example, the phrase "I'm not afraid of the examination is inappropriate, it should be formulated as follows:" I'm calm during the exam. Throughout the review I am confident ". Is inappropriate as the phrase "I will not smoke," which must be replaced by the wording: "Smoking is disgusting. I'm going to kick the habit. I'm already released ... "With this method, we can agree to everything, learn how to fight easily and certainly face different situations, even extraordinary.

Basic Exercises

Heat: Place your hands so that both your palms facing each other. Close your eyes, relax, concentrate on calm and warmth that radiates from your palms. Once you feel the heat on and bring both your palms on your face. "Enter" your face with the heat released by your palms.

If you are able to focus on passively heat the skin, you can manage to increase the temperature by 2 or 3 degrees. If your hands are cold, you need to warm them, otherwise you get no result. As you progress through this exercise, the perception of warmth spreads across the chest. If you arrived here, so you have assimilated the year.

Solar plexus: Close your eyes and release you. Concentrate on the heat you feel inside, in your stomach. Imagine that the sun is there.

If you have already mastered the previous exercise, you are then able to focus on passively heat your body. The exercise, dubbed "solar plexus" allows you to direct the heat according to your choice from any part of the body. The focus of the heat inside the stomach regulates the functioning of the digestive organs. This exercise should not be practiced in cases of acute inflammation of the abdominal cavity, hemorrhage or tumor.

Pulse: Sit comfortably, close your eyes, relax. Position your hands so that both your palms facing one another. Join your fingers, try to feel the rhythm of your heart that beats in the tips of your fingers.

As you progress through this exercise, you feel the beats in other parts of your body. You have treated this year when you also feel the throbbing in your arms and your torso.

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