Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The hands of Naturopathy

Bio energy The hands of naturopathic begin to move downwards.

- At this moment I feel the aura, "he says. I imagine how it takes shape and size needed.
- And what exactly do I feel at this moment? you may ask.
- Nothing says the naturopath. You do not think according to my classes, you have no idea, even hazy about what the aura, and you do not have to feel what I am capable to perceive the delicate movement of energies. If however you have you also extrasensory ability, then you can feel the slight blows hot and cold, like the caress of the wind or ants climbing on our skin.

Continue. Now, I create a contact with you in the infrared spectrum of our bio-fields.
The naturopath is his palm an inch from your forehead.

The infrared spectrum is none other than the usual temperature of the body. There will be no therapeutic contact us until the time when you will not feel the heat from the palm of my hand. You feel nothing? That's okay, wait a little longer. Most patients feel the heat fast enough from my hand. If this is not the case, I still another way to find the way leading to the aura. For example, in the spectrum of your bio-magnetic field, using both my palms as I put one in front of the other, I perceive the mutual attraction or repulsion. If this is unsuccessful, then you can try many other things, all except bioenergy. If the contact does not happen, it means you do not allow me to intervene in your bio. Thus, all other attempts that I will perform would be fruitless. And now you feel? Very good. You owe, you also feel the contact. If so, then you feel that all is well. You see, you have now closed my eyes without you I would suggest. You did not even notice that you had fallen in light trance state. It is not necessary to close the eyes. The trance may occur as well without it. As it is possible that it does not happen. It is not essential. Ultimately, you are not ripe for a hypnosis session.

What the Bioenergetic does not tell the patient

Bioenergy is a game whose basic rule is: me, I play to be the Bioenergetic while you play to that treaty. In this scenario, let's forget our seriousness for this to succeed. There will be no effect if I am not in contact with you or energy that I do not respect the rules of taking and transmission of energy. The most important thing is to think in categories subtle. This is fundamental. The technique of influence is, in itself, not complicated. The way I move my arm during the session like the gestures a conductor before a symphony orchestra performs. No matter how gesticulating conductor, the key is how he interprets the music and how musicians understand.
Okay, so let's begin. This week, the moon rises. It's a good time to start sessions, because when the Moon increases its energy, the same way ours is also increasing. The final sessions should be conducted when the moon is decreasing.
Now, so I can receive your signal energy, I put myself in position receiver by entering into a trance particular. Is what we call in our jargon "into his own astral".

The naturopathy sits one minute with eyes closed and without speaking. If we had no discomfort and we asked him what he thinks of that moment, we answer this:

- I asked. Will you be cured? Can I do it myself? Can it be done here and now? We must enter cautiously into the aura of the patient and come out the same way, by opening and closing the door behind you. After receiving a positive response intuitively to my questions, I proceed to the next step: I uniformly distributed energy in the aura. Meanwhile, the flaws and holes are resorbed.

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Recharge in the Bioenergetic

Branch of natural medicine's most despised by the orthodox medicine is bioenergy. Why? Because a doctor's materialist thinking, it is the least understandable. That said, "incomprehensible" does not mean ineffective.

"I had constant pain in his legs, his right hand and lower back. After four sessions I was cured. I now no longer a health problem. "T. F.

"I suffered from terrible headaches that no one was able to disappear. Today I'm back in full health. "G. I.

"Your method of therapy works miracles! I regained my zest for life and do not feel any pain in my heart. "S. D.

These opinions come from patients who were treated by the therapeutic method "ineffective" bioenergy. If you have a health problem, contact a Bioenergetic and see for yourself the curative action. But to understand what this specialist during a meeting, ask him directly. Imagine that, while his therapy practice on you, then undertake this in reality he would never do, that is to say everything you explain in detail.

Transcendental Meditation

Mahes Maharishi Yogi is the founding father. Meditation means thinking, and transcendental, "out of range". MT therefore equivalent to the "thinking outside the limit" outside of what can be seen, heard, touched, smelled, felt and made aware. As in the other world.
Do not panic. Indeed, this is very simple. The key lies in that the individual has for some time convert his conscience and his perception of reality by those of a newborn, he must get rid of knowledge, experience and prejudice that has accumulated. In this state, the mind as it comes into contact with "pure knowledge", with the result that tension disappears and the individual with the "cosmic harmony" within.
MT is easier to assimilate than the autogenous training. Just follow a few days of training. At the end of it, the instructor gives everyone his mantra. The word "mantra" means nothing, but he has magical overtones. Me for example, I assigned the mantra "Shearer."
What should we do next with this mantra? During individual activities, we need to talk to ourselves for a few minutes, so we avoid the "chewing gum imaginary" from the conversation continued with ourselves. After that, we must reach for a few minutes is "devoid of mantra and thought," then open your eyes, sit in the dark a little while and seen as if we had just been born. This meditation should be continued twice daily, morning and evening, at 20 minutes per session. Its effects are fascinating.

Eye Surgeon

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