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Laser Acupuncture

Laser Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the main methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). According to its principles, the body passes through the vital energy Qi, following clearly defined pathways (meridians). On these meridians are many ways through which we can influence the flow of Qi. Treatment with traditional acupuncture is to insert thin needles into specific points, this stimulation may remove a blockage of Qi can increase the flow or divert excess Qi. Instead of traditional needles, acupuncture laser uses lasers to stimulate acupuncture points. The depth of penetration into the body of lasers depends on the wavelength used and the power of the device.


An-MB or Tui-Na therapy is a body of Traditional Chinese Medicine. An-Mo and Tui-Na methods are almost identical. They differ mainly in relation to their regions of origin. Year-Mo comes from northern China, Tui-Na instead of south China. Year-Mo means "press-smooth" and Tui-Na "push-grasp". These words clearly show that in the case of An-Mo, as well as in the Tui-Na, it is mostly a different massage techniques. Depending on the nature of these symptoms, the therapist massages, exerting a pressure greater or less, along the meridians and specific points. To this end, he not only uses his hands, but also the tips of fingers, elbows or feet. We can differentiate slow movements in the opposite direction to clockwise, which promote the intake of energy, and faster movements in the direction of clockwise, intended to divert excess energy.

Acupressure - Acupuncture

Acupressure is a procedure close to the massage part of the therapeutic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In Western countries acupressure was introduced well after acupuncture. However, as the "acupuncture without needles" can be practiced on oneself, it is becoming more widespread. Acupressure is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Under these principles, the body passes through the vital energy Qi, following clearly defined pathways (meridians). On these meridians are many ways through which we can influence the flow of Qi. Stimulation of certain points can eliminate a blockage of Qi can increase its flow or divert excess Qi. When treated by acupressure, specific points located on meridians, are stimulated with a pressure more or less. Following the technique practiced acupressure, the therapist uses massage for the fingers or thumbs.

Acupuncture is one of the most important therapeutic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). According to its principles, the body passes through the vital energy Qi, following clearly defined pathways (meridians). On these meridians there are many issues that can influence the flow of Qi. The acupuncture treatment is to insert thin needles into specific points, this stimulation may remove a blockage of Qi can increase the flow or divert excess Qi. The bite is generally painless. Turn, lift or push the needle may stimulate further advantage of each point. There are, in addition to simple treatment with needles, other techniques of acupuncture, for example, the use of heat (moxibustion), electrical stimulation or laser acupuncture.

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Types of Shows Therapy

Apart from hypnotists and magicians, naturopaths also have the habit of performing in front of spectators - Bioenergetic, chiropractors, psychotherapists. Shows are for single goal to present the speed and efficiency with which they can deliver the people of their diseases.

The show takes place as follows: following the introduction of words from which the patients are invited on a pedestal, the "miracle" and its "method", the maestro has his science. Called on stage who have badly at this moment somewhere - at the head, back or stomach. The magician puts into practice everything he knows: he makes magical gestures, the bones back into place, makes a point massage. And the miracle happens! Most patients present on the scene saw their pain disappear.

The secret lies in that the recovery is much easier when the patient is a person who is not afraid to happen in public. However, among the subjects took the stage, which ones have already found, even once, under the gaze of a dozen or a hundred spectators? More than likely, no. Therefore, such an unusual situation makes it easier to trance and cause the body to be more easily mobilized, leaving the self-regulatory mechanisms become operational more quickly and more efficiently. Moreover, if the naturopath is one or two quackeries, success is guaranteed.

The devil has he really possessed these people? Readers will certainly smile, but he really possessed. The witchcraft or sorcery is a kind of self-programming. The person in which "is the devil" to admit the possible presence of the devil, or as it is programmed for this possibility: in her unconscious, it is the truth. We can not convince her otherwise, as the person who says that for her, rainy weather is the best kind.
The success of the show requires are also sitting in the room few people who are not content only to believe that the devil lives, but are at the same time easy to hypnotize subjects. Because without falling into a trance, no howl nor writhe in convulsions. That said, the chances in this case are not 10% as hypnotic for the show, but 1% at most.

Show of "Exorcist"

Hundred to one hundred fifty spectators are sufficient for a hypnosis session. Among them are eight or nine people chosen, particularly easy to hypnotize and are willing to participate in the show. In the "show of the exorcist," however, the number of viewers is not enough. To choose among the crowd of a dozen "owned", it takes at least a thousand or a few thousand spectators. That's why this kind of curiosity is rare and generally requires to be organized in a gym or stadium.

For starters, a presenter of an imposing appearance announcement to the spectators as the famous magician naturopath, then "the sounds of the fanfare," she appears in person on stage. After a brief introduction, the "Exorcist" raises his arm in response to what some people at different points in the room began to scream, are shaken by convulsions, crying for help and other nonsense like that. The "magician" is why they are sick because "the devil lives" and that she will "drive out the demon that is in them."

Of course, the spectators sitting near the "possessed" trembling with fear and nervousness lead to many unhappy even on stage. The magician puts his hand "magic" on their forehead, and look, a miracle! The patient regains consciousness, the "devil" is now supposed to leave him alone. (It is surely gone live someone else, because ultimately he will not live in the street!)

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