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Autohémothérapie / Autologous Therapy

The autohémothérapie based on the theory of stimulation therapies: irritation occurred in every part of the body produces, thanks to the system controller, a reaction throughout the body. Stimulation therapy puts this to good use, by provoking defensive reactions of the body, subjecting it to irritants, such as, for example, heat or UV rays. In the case of autohémothérapie, the substance is challenging the patient's own blood. The blood just drawn from a vein, is immediately reinjected into a muscle or under the skin. The components of blood, coming together in the tissues, causing defensive reactions of the immune system, stimulating the healing potential of the organization. Therapy, autologous blood is a particular form of autohémothérapie: blood collected was diluted to the patient with drugs before it was reinjected.


Biofeedback is a method of treatment of behavioral medicine. Stress and tension can cause different physical responses such as, for example, increased blood pressure and rapid pulse. Biofeedback method is to save the patient's unconscious body reactions, with sensors and measuring devices and special make them visible in the form of light signals, for example. In this way, the patient may become aware of processes that occur in her body. He "sees" how his body reacts to thoughts and behavior. The patient learns to influence the functions of his body with different relaxation techniques. The result of this conscious relaxation is also measured and rendered visible to the patient, thereby enhancing the success of the experiment.

Biometrics Functional

Biochemistry by Schüssler

Biochemistry by Schüssler is a therapy that involves administering minerals diluted homeopathic way. The German physician and homeopath Wilhelm Schüssler (1821 - 1898) developed this method. According to his theory, diseases are the result of deficiencies in minerals during metabolism in cells. The objective of this method is to fill this deficiency in minerals. The absorption of inorganic salts the most important form of homeopathic energized, provides the body with missing minerals and stimulates the specific regulatory mechanisms of the body. Medications are prescribed method Schüssler by therapists trained in this method and can be obtained in the form of tablets, ointments or drops in pharmacies, drugstores or health food specialty stores.

Biometrics functional

Biometrics functional or functional bioelectronic diagnosis, is a diagnostic method based on the principles of electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV). The EAV is to measure, with a special device, the electrical potential between specific points on the skin. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture points are connected to organs or organ systems. The creator of EAV, the German physician Reinhold Voll (1909-1989), noted that there is a direct link between the electrical potential of acupuncture point and the health status of the corresponding organ. We can therefore determine the status of a body by measuring the electrical potential between the points of the skin which correspond to it. Biometrics can also function to determine which drugs are best suited for each treatment.

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Aura Soma Therapy

Aura Soma therapy is a form of color therapy, which improves the patient's spiritual harmony. Pharmacist Vicky Wall (1919-1991) founded the Aura Soma therapy. Treatment Aura Soma apply using the Equilibrium bottles. Each of these bottles is filled with two colored liquids, immiscible (vegetable oil and water). At the beginning of treatment, the patient must choose four bottles Equilibrium with color combination to challenge the most. The order in which the vials were selected and their color combinations have special meaning, which is explained by the therapist. The oils are then applied on different skin areas, according to the particular problems of the patient. The colors and the energy they contain penetrate the skin and deploy a therapeutic effect throughout the body.


Auriculotherapy is an original form of acupuncture. This method is based on the idea that the outer ear is shaped like a fetus perched on his head. Based on this picture you can find a representation of bodies and body parts on specific parts of the ear. For example, on the lobe of the ear, there is the reflex area of the head. When organ dysfunction, one can measure a resistance change of the skin at the corresponding point on the ear. These changes indicate the point of the ear that must be addressed. There are different forms of treatment: the insertion of needles of gold or silver, electrical stimulation, massage (acupressure) or irradiation with infrared rays or laser. The treatment of acupuncture points ear improves the condition of the diseased organ.


Aromatherapy is a therapeutic method that relies primarily on the use of botanical flavors, ie, essential oils. As we understand the essential oil obtained by odorant steam distillation and cold pressing of the plant. Aromatherapy is based on the principle that scents and smells can stimulate and bring to mind the feelings and memories that were buried deep in the memory. Moreover, considering that odors can positively influence the mindset and thus contribute to stimulate the patient's healing potential. Following the method of use there are four different forms of aromatherapy: the phyto-aromatherapy, aromatherapy care, psycho-aromatherapy and aroma massage. Aromatherapy can be practiced self-treatment.

Art of speech therapy, anthroposophic

The art of speech therapy is one method of treatment of anthroposophic medicine. Anthroposophy was founded by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). In collaboration with Dr. Ita Wegman (1876 - 1953), he combined his ideas and his conception of man with the existing methods of academic medicine. The aim of anthroposophic medicine is to stimulate the healing potential of the patient by various methods of treatment. As part of the art of speech therapy Anthroposophical are taught the elements of language that normally is not perceived consciously, for example, the melody of language, intonation or the formation of sounds. Mental processes can be expressed in these elements of language, conversely, the interaction of these elements may have a therapeutic effect on the entire body. The important parts of the art of speech are the language exercises, breathing and movement, and the development of gestures as a means of expression.

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