Monday, May 30, 2011

Ayurvedic Diet Consultation

Ayurveda is the traditional health system of India, whose principles were passed down for thousands of years. Ayurvedic philosophy places great importance on a balanced diet, both to stay healthy as a therapeutic standpoint. The diet should be tailored to the individual constitution of the patient. An important role is played by the properties of different foods and balancing tastes. Foods that match the type of person should be consumed with caution. It recommends, however, consumption of foods such as "opposed", so balancing. Individual dietary recommendations also vary depending on climate, season and time of day. Ayurvedic dietary advice is complemented by recommendations on food quality and food culture.

Deep Draining

Draining the Deep is a special massage technique, which is part of the treatment methods of biodynamic psychology, by Gerda Boyesen. Biodynamic psychology is a form of body work that combines elements of psychotherapy, breathing therapy and massage. His goal is to raise awareness of the tensions in the body and eliminate them. Treatment methods are tailored to individual patient needs. During a massage Deep Draining, the therapist focuses on deeper layers of connective tissue and muscles. While massaging the patient, he listens to the bowel sounds of it, through a stethoscope placed on the belly. These sounds give an indication of the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and serve as a means of monitoring treatment. Deep Draining massage can trigger the body, autonomic and emotional responses that will have an impact on the psychic process.

Dietary Consultation - MTC

Dietary Consultation

A poor diet may in the long term, lead to diseases such as, for example, diabetes, digestive disorders or atherosclerosis. Health systems, both alternative and traditional, thus give much importance to a balanced diet. The consultation diet can not only help patients change their eating habits, but it can also prevent and treat disorders caused by poor diet. The purpose of a consultation with a dietician is to detect errors in dietary habits and suggest improvements. There, beside the Western scientific diet, many other nutritional concepts such as, for example, full power, the Chinese diet from the five elements or the Ayurvedic system. The recommendations and advice can be very varied.

Dietary consultation on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is part of the therapeutic methods of Chinese medical system. Unlike Western nutritional science, the Chinese diet focuses not on food composition, but the effect that food can have on the body. TCM is based on the principle that every food contains different levels of Yin and Yang energies. We can use food to balance the state's energy body. The "five elements" are another basic principle of the Chinese diet. Each food, according to its properties, is associated with one of the following five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Thus, for example, "light food" such as chicory, millet or grapefruit, have a drying effect. The concept of food according to the five elements is not to follow a strict diet but to develop a healthy food with special attention to the selection and preparation of products.

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