Friday, June 10, 2011

Colon Hydrotherapy

The colon hydrotherapy is a form of bowel cleansing. The method is based on the idea that digestion creates waste in the intestine, which are not completely eliminated. These substances interfere with digestion and prevent, partially or completely, absorption of nutrients. In addition, these wastes cause the formation of toxins in the intestines that can harm the body. By rinsing the intestine with water can clean and remove harmful substances. This process stimulates intestinal function and metabolism and relieves the system of host defense. To enhance the effect, we can vary the temperature of the water used for washing. It can also enrich various additives, such as homeopathic products, herbs, minerals or oxygen.

Formation of organic-rhythmic movement Medau

The formation of organic-rhythmic movement Medau (Medau MRO) is a movement that includes learning the correct postures, movements develop, regulation of tension, the work of breathing and musical expression. The formation of rhythmic after Medau, was developed in the twenties, for the pedagogue Medau Hinrich (1890-1974). According to him, good health can only exist when you live in accordance with the rules of organic-rhythmic body. The main requirement is the ability to communicate with their environment through observation beyond itself. The formation of organic-rhythmic movement Medau uses different forms of exercise movements, perception and breathing. The playful use of objects such as balls, mats or ropes, along with rhythm instruments or sound, or the exercises with a partner, enhance the feeling of his own body, the responsiveness and flexibility.

Fango, Fascia


The mud is a mineral mud from hot springs. The types of mud are the best known of the Eifel fango, of German origin and the mud of Abano, of Italian origin. The mud wraps are used in hydrotherapy or massage as a complement. The patient is wrapped in the cold or hot mud and remains well stretched for some time. During this period, heat and minerals in the mud have a beneficial effect on the body. The mud wraps are relaxing and analgesic effect, while stimulating blood circulation and metabolism.


The fascia is connective tissue membranes that envelop the organs, bones, muscles and blood vessels and keep them together. Fasciatherapy based on the theory that the physical loading or trauma, can cause sustained contraction of the fascia. This results in blockage of energy, not only mechanical but also spiritual and emotional, in turn, generate different diseases. The therapist practicing fasciatherapy may, using different massage techniques, relax and unwind fascia. There are two forms of fasciatherapy: Danis Bois Method and the method of Christian Carini. In the method Danis Bois (MDB), therapists incorporate manual techniques to the concept of gestural and sensory somatopsychopédagogie. Fasciatherapy according to Christian Carini (also called pulsologie), gives greater importance to the blood vessels and the arterial pulse.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

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