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Lykotronic is a form of therapy Bioresonance, practiced with the device Lykotronic. The term Lykotronic is an abbreviation for "Lymph, Coordination and Electronics. The Bioresonance therapy (also bio-energy therapy or therapy bio-information) is based on the principle that molecules of the body emit electromagnetic waves. These have a typical spectrum for each person, consisting of parts harmonious (healthy) and discordant (sick). The signals emitted by the body can be captured using electrodes, transmitted in a unit where they will be modified and returned to the body through other electrodes. This operation eliminates the unhealthy air and activate the body's healing potential.

Birthday Ideas For Her

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Kinesiology combines various aspects of Western medicine and Eastern Europe, such as chiropractic, dietetics, the study of motion and acupressure. According to kinesiology, diseases are manifested by weakness and muscle contractions, which are connected to organs and body parts, by flows of energy. Conversely, muscle weakness may indicate a blockage or lack of energy in the corresponding organ. We practice special muscle testing on specific muscles to discover malfunctions in the body. These tests also provide information on treatment procedures and intolerance towards certain foods. Treatment includes various methods, such as targeted massage of reflex points or endings, muscle relaxation techniques, dietary recommendations or specific exercises to boost concentration and learning abilities (Brain Gym).


Iridology or iridodiagnostic is a diagnostic method in which the therapist examines the iris of the eye and draws conclusions about the health of the patient. The iridodiagnostic is one of the main methods of diagnosis used by naturopathic medicine. The iridodiagnostic based on the theory that changes in the iris is the expression of a pathological disorder of the body. An examination of the iris is made using a special microscope installed so that the therapist and patient face to face. Some therapists, specialists iridodiagnostic, also take pictures of the iris. For his diagnosis, the therapist examines the color and condition of the iris and its characteristics.

Postural Integration

Postural Integration is a form of body work with psychotherapeutic backgrounds. The method is based on the idea that the biography and the attitude of a person are reflected in his posture. The experience marked the movements and body posture. For example, psychological problems can manifest as chronic tension. The therapist is able to defeat this "muscle shell" through massage of the muscles and connective tissues, feelings or memories underlying assets are released and the "old" spiritual and emotional patterns may loosen. The main elements of the postural integration are: work on the connective tissues, gentle massage, exercises on breathing and energy, movement exercises and relaxation as well as additional therapeutic interviews.


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The term hydrotherapy is the use of water to prevent and treat diseases. Hydrotherapy is used primarily by medical masseurs and naturopaths but it is also in academic medicine. The effects of hydrotherapy on the body are varied. Cold water, for example, causes contraction of blood vessels and, in response, stimulation of blood flow. Proper use of water can boost metabolism and exert a positive effect on respiration, heart activity, the digestive system and nervous system. The most common forms of hydrotherapy baths, ablutions, Kneipp therapy, water jets, poultices, wraps and steam baths. The effect of these treatments can be influenced by additional factors, such as water temperature, duration of application, the size of the area of the body and stimulation such as massage or underwater additives bath.

Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method whose objective is to stimulate the healing potential of the body using special medications. The basic principles of homeopathy were developed by the physician and pharmacist Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Homeopathy is based on the principle of similarity "Similia similibus curentur" (like cures the like). Thus, a disease is cured by a drug in a healthy person, produces symptoms similar to those of the disease. Homeopathic medicines are manufactured according to strict rules, based on natural substances such as plants and minerals. The raw material is gradually diluted (energized), which releases the forces contained in the substance. The homeopath chooses the right medication, individually for each patient. Homeopathic medicines are available as small beads (cell) or drops.

Hatha Yoga

Yoga is for the traditional treatment methods of Indian medicine (Ayurveda). It is a holistic approach to maintaining healthy body and mind. Yoga became popular in Europe and America in the sixties and seventies. With us, it is the simplified techniques, such as Hatha Yoga, which had the most success. Hatha Yoga is comprised of movements (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation exercises and relaxation. All of these techniques provides a complete relaxation of the body. Hatha Yoga has a positive influence not only the bodily functions, but also the spiritual state of the practitioners. In Hatha Yoga, great importance is given to regular exercises.

Metal Buildings

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Naturopathy Stay Healthy

Actually, just see if it is not to be freed from its commonplace illness, but for the feeling of being stronger than me. Therefore his goal is to see for himself that his own authority increases. If at that moment I began to get nervous and to redouble my efforts, I was wasting doing a large amount of energy. This in itself is essential for him. With this fake vampire unconscious, he would reach his goal. He would retain his pain, but leave my office happy, leaving me drained and tired. Therefore, if I can see that the patient's "provocation energy," I do not react either internally or externally. I am happy to say that the session is over, and as she yielded no results, I ask no fee. "I beg you to return a certain day at a certain time. "Sooner or later you will see results and the patient will feel the effects of my help.

Definitely, this is not as simple as that I have to tell it, but it is not as complicated than it seems at first.

I think it's almost time to say goodbye, you would probably still talk about your illness, maybe ask questions, clarify one or two points. Our discussion of this topic is over for today. Why? Your healing will prove that your own. You feel strong, serene, strong, does not it? This proves that you are under the influence of fluids positive (energy flow). If you want to address this new focus on disease, or you find them again in the oscillatory circuit infelicity, and if I, I authorize you, then what use would have the treatment continued? So do not talk after treatment, but rather forward. Do not ask more questions. I hope you stay healthy!

Naturopathy Duration

The naturopathy gaze scans the watch of the patient, then his shoes, as if weighed knowing how many tickets will he be able to leave home.

The duration of a session varies from ten minutes to one hour. In general, it takes a half hour. To maintain good general condition, it would be better, after completing your treatment, you come to my office once a month. If during the period before the next session you notice any abnormality, such as headaches or other, I let you go till I have done away. In other words, during treatment I will strive to remove at least one symptom of disease.

There is also a type of patient - seeing how hard I provided - working involuntarily make vampirism, that is to say, ask me more energy. This is also in the order of things. Man is constituted as follows: what it receives, it's still too little. When we do the shopping, the fact is that we want to buy as many items as possible with the money we have. What is the biggest in vampirism? The patient, "he said," no feeling "that" his condition has not changed an inch, "and at the time of saying this, he looks at me triumphantly. Our man does absolutely nothing to feel. His only desire is to play the game of "naturopathic" with me.

Naturopathy Takes Both

The naturopath takes both hands horizontally, lift up to his chin, clenched fists, hard, then opens his hands. He repeated this movement several times quickly and aggressively.
Insofar as this is strong enough, I do not use it - although it may seem paradoxical - with patients in need of energy, it can easily cause them an "overflow". Naturally, this method is not appropriate if the patient observes a surplus of energy. Such is the case of nervousness, pain, inflammation, which, understandably, extra energy is not needed.

I give each of my actions to my breathing. Breathing in, I accumulate energy, exhaling, I convey to the patient. During the meeting, I also wears a constant attention to my state. I try not to "exceed the target," that is to say not to give everything to the patient, because what would be left for other post?

Towards the end of the session, I make again the process through which I disperse the energy, I "smooth" completely hollow located in the aura of the patient. Sometimes after the first meeting, the symptoms are worse temporarily. If this is found, do not worry. Attention should instead be focused on the fact that nothing happens after the second or third meeting, or that the patient does not change. This means that no contact is established between a naturopath and patient, he does not "capturing" the influence not the first.

Disability Insurance

Planning ones income for the future in event of any untoward incidents or disability or due to advanced age can prove to be very beneficial to the individual in the long run. Social security disability insurance, a tax funded payroll, is a federal insurance program. This insurance enables you with an income when one in unable to work due to disability or till one is fit to get back to work and guarantees income if the individual is unable to continue to work. The individual then moves on to the retirement age of Social security retirement age.