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Rhythmic Massage

Rhythmic Massage anthroposophic

The rhythmic massage is one method of anthroposophic medicine. Anthroposophy was founded by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). In collaboration with Dr. Ita Wegman (1876 - 1953), he combined his ideas and his conception of man with the existing methods of academic medicine. The aim of anthroposophic medicine is to stimulate the patient's healing potential. Anthroposophy uses therefor many natural remedies, and various other forms of treatment. The rhythmic massage is a combination of the basic techniques of traditional massage, complemented by various elements. For example, the various processes are performed in a rhythmic way and link together in a fluid and harmonious. The intensity of the experiment is determined by the type of disease being treated. In addition to massage, using special oils, prepared by the methods and anthroposophic enriched therapeutic substances.

Massage Esalien

Ésalien massage is a form of body work that combines different massage techniques to psychotherapy oriented physical well-being. The principles of Gestalt therapy, whereby the body, mind and emotions of man are a unit, are very important. The goal of massage ésalien is to make the patient aware of this unit. This sense of integrity should achieve new levels of awareness and stimulate the patient's healing potential. Ésalien massage also has a stimulating effect on the skin and blood circulation, a relaxing effect on the nervous and muscular systems and an activating effect on metabolism. Different massage techniques are used in massage ésalien, such as classic Swedish massage, connective tissue massage, craniosacral therapy, polarity, the method of Trager and acupressure

Connective Tissue Massage

The connective tissue massage is a massage technique that was developed in the twenties, the patient gymnast Elizabeth Dicke. The connective tissue massage is based on the theory of reflexology: the internal organs are located above the nerves connected to specific areas and clearly demarcated from the skin. When a disease affects internal organs, these neural connections cause a reaction in the skin area concerned, eg a thickening or hardening of the connective tissue of the hypodermis. The connective tissue massage treats the portion of the hypodermic connective tissue concerned and eases tensions and local hardening. On the other hand, massage also stimulates the organs and body parts away, but connected to the reflex area.

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Massage Colon

During the massage the colon, stimulates peristalsis of the bowel, massaging specific points on the abdominal wall. Massaging the colon is based on the theory of reflexology: the dysfunction of internal organs generate, through neural connections, "zones of disturbances" in the outer layers of the envelope body, such as skin or connective tissue . By addressing these areas of disturbance, or reflexology, you can not only relieve local pain and eliminate tension, but also normalize the dysfunction of internal organs. In the case of colon massage, the therapist massages five points identified on the abdominal wall, above the colon. This massage assists, in a purely mechanical movements of the colon and results in a normalization of the tone of the colon and digestive juices. In addition, massage stimulates colon blood circulation, lymphatic system and the autonomic nervous system.

Reflexology Muscle

The reflexology muscle is due to studies of English neurologist Sir Henry Head (1861-1940). It was discovered in 1893 that internal organs were connected by blood and nervous systems, to specific regions of the skin. These skin regions are called "zones of Head" or "reflex zones". The disease of an internal organ may affect the status of the corresponding reflex area of the skin. For example, a myocardial infarction can cause pain on the inner arm. This connection between the skin and internal organs is put to use by the different techniques of reflexology: massage into areas of Head, we can influence the function of corresponding internal organs. In the case of the muscle reflex zone massage, treatment is mainly performed on the muscles, preferably with the fingertips.

Massage areas Psychogenic

Psychogenic massage areas is a particular form of reflexology. This method is based on the theory of meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to its principles, the body passes through the vital energy Qi, following clearly defined pathways (meridians). When Qi flows freely, the person is healthy and can not be sick when the flow of Qi is disrupted. On these meridians are many ways through which we can influence the flow of Qi. By addressing these issues in a targeted manner, we can remove blockages of Qi, which will have a direct effect on the disease. The massage area is psychogenic massaging specific energy points and meridians defined on the foot. This massage improves blood circulation, activates the energy flow in the body, stimulates the healing potential and causes a deep relaxation.

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