Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of the traditional therapeutic methods of Thai medical system. The theory of Thai massage is based on the idea that the human body is crossed by lines of energy. Diseases are the result of blockages and disruptions of energy balance. During a Thai massage, treating the ten lines of the largest energy, on which there are pressure points that allow an energy exchange between the body and the universe. The Thai massage therapist works with the thumbs, hands, feet or elbows and puts pressure on targeted lines and energy points. Another part of Thai massage is massage yoga, during which the patient's body is stretched in positions whose origin is Hatha Yoga. This massage also has a spiritual aspect: the masseur takes a meditative position to be able to feel the energy currents of the patient.

Metamorphic Massage

Metamorphic Massage is a form of reflexology of the feet, hands and head. English naturopath Robert St. John (1914-1996) is the creator of this method. Metamorphic Massage is based on the idea that causes severe physical and spiritual are in the gestation period. A gentle massage, performed on points and specific reflex areas of the head, hands and feet, can provide access to prenatal patient, remove energy blockages and free the flow of vital energy. Therapeutic process, physical and mental, is thus turned on.

Spotting Scope

The most appropriate device for magnification visions in hunting, bird watching, wildlife observation etc. can be done through spotting scope. It is an astronomical telescope which produces an upright image and has waterproof and fog proof features. We have online dealers having a variety of models according to the needs of the user. The magnifying image in spotting scope is far greater then that of the binocular and the quality of the image depends on the size of the objective lens. The benefit of product is that it gives much eye relief together with good image quality.