Sunday, July 3, 2011


Mesotherapy is a treatment method that involves the injection of small doses of drugs into the skin of the diseased body part. This method was developed in the fifties by the French physician Michel Pistor. The principles of mesotherapy are "few - rarely - in the right place." "Few" means a low dose of medication, "rarely" on the long-term effect of the drug injected and "the right place" means that the product is directly injected to the patient location. With mesotherapy, avoids the "detour" of active substances through the bloodstream, because the drugs are injected as close as possible to the diseased area. Thus, one can obtain a rapid effect with minimum doses, for example in the case of localized pain. The m├ęsopuncture, mesotherapy or energy, is a variation of mesotherapy, in which case the drug is injected into acupuncture points.


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