Friday, July 8, 2011

Laughter is a Way to Relax

The principle is simple: laughter is a way to relax, to relax, to forget his fears. Create physical and mental contractions, and relaxes remove hardware able to work better.

Means and methods are very different "schools." Also leave some humor to laugh clown laugh trigger. Other vehicles, which seems more laughter (ah, ah, ah - hello hello hello ...) and accompanied by sign language, which as is laughter yoga. Then, laughing for no reason, without the base of humor.

It is often said that quote as the basis for these schools of laughter, Dr. Kataria: "We do not laugh because we are happy, and we are happy because we laugh." This quote embodies the philosophy of these schools to find the laughter of the changes of physical and psychological well-being in the physical and emotional tension.

Many "students" who have exercised the workshops of laughter, even if dubious, because it gives, say, sleep, digestion, and improves functional disorders.

Monitor and / or teachers of these clubs, shops and schools, and laughter, and often come themselves or trained doctors, osteopaths, sophrologists. Yoga teachers are laughing, clown coach, rigologues, sophrologists laugh ... Whatever the name, and if the result is the presence.

Tell a New Joke

He described certain circumstances, with their black comedy dimension tragi comedy.
Made the subject of funny and think about it, if you are in an embarrassing situation. (For example, "If I found myself in the top of the ladder, and I m'apercevrais I was on the wrong wall !!!»).

If you tell a new joke, and repeated at least five other people who do not know ...

List can almost always go on like this ...

If you still do not laugh? A smile. One can not smile? Then act as if ...

Laughter, the best treatment is to:
Workshops and groups are growing in several foreign clubs: workshops or schools of laughter. They provide a kind of friendly treatment to fight the prevailing darkness, and the pressures of everyday life.

There are also moments of joy in the economy, as well as vocational training, as well as in schools and colleges, in the form of hospitals, clubs, and programs for staff and other patients.

Our Sense of Humor

Laughter and many faces, and we do not laugh all the same things.
What entertains us, and how we laugh is an expression of our choices, likes and personalities.

There are people who laugh at the abdomen, sounds loud and unleash the hit his thigh.

Others to laugh, to smile and laugh, evil, or does not open his mouth;
It seems that some laughter with their eyes ...

The relationship between society with humor, says much about those who are part of it.

Is to restore our sense of humor, the spread of a pandemic and spontaneous d├ęclenchons! Expensive medical treatments at a time, and laughter is one that is free of charge and curative in many cases, and the only side effect which could be accused is to be nice ...

It's simple:
Choose a good movie, funny to catch a cloud Smiled, when people were telling funny stories, and they will feel in better shape and are highly regarded for you.
You Keep the comedy, and other fees and jokes in the newspapers for your family and your colleagues.

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Humor is Not Always High

Though in existence, and we are committed to the position of the traditional with all the means match the behavior officially secular, rational ...
People who appreciate the humor and fun to use without restrictions in their lives, they are less likely than fear, when faced with adverse events.

Laughter liberates us and allows us to consider the problems with new eyes, and solve our problems with more imagination. Humor is the balm that causes a sense of global confidence and frees us from our inhibitions. It allows you to save face ...

There may be feelings of hostility and cynicism and resentment.
However, it is best not to use such as violence and physical abuse ...

Some experts even claim to show his teeth, smile, laughter, or other shows that even if it's teeth, it will not bite. There is a symbol which means "you are sure that such a relaxation."

Laughter Reduces Stress Hormones

He even suggests that laughter can have a positive impact on the immune system.
In fact, the antibodies in saliva increases the scenes video funny, so they are better off against infections such as laughter, and colds.

Laughter is the tonic that stimulates the improvement and beautifying our state of mind, and free us from the tension.

"I dare say that there is any to be healthy really, if you can laugh at themselves, and the hushed secret that, if exaggerated and showed that" s, and very proud or very awkward realizes, as it should be able to discover that he had left it He was sure of his case, he does not see beyond his nose and he was party to no avail. "(Gordon Allport)

She said the man laughing is not always perfect.

The face of adversity, laughter, humor, or at least, the impact of effective antidote. Because of the danger, animals and only two solutions, the fight or flight. People have a feature for the third way: laughter.

In approaching the state of tension with humor, and plays out there by creating a diversion that relaxes psychologically.

Humor allows us, in the face of danger, distance, and lots of anxiety and powerlessness which paralyzes us. Laughter reduces significantly the amount of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) in the body.

Laughter " Therapeutic "

origins of this treatment

And Norman Cousins was the first experiment in 1964, a treatment with laughter. He recovered from painful arthritis, a condition that is irreversible, through positive thinking and laughter, especially comedies.
In the early 1980s and began, Dr. Patch Adams, who was appointed in the movie Robin Williams, to laugh and use humor as a therapeutic for the treatment of patients and wearing a clown suit.

Today some hospitals to provide treatment sessions conducted by the laughter of clowns clowns or occupational therapists.
And is often used these methods in children, for children and their families.

When you laugh really loud for the last time, and fills the mind with ecstasy delicious you do not know why you broke out laughing?
If you hear an echo of the last time on successive echo laughter, excited the apparent joy, positive health?

In court, he saw the clowns, and emotional needs of the Monarch: Queen Elizabeth 1 and had an integral part of the clown, "healed the grief of all the best doctors."
The Bible declares that "the heart of joy as good as drugs."

It is a miracle of modern science to validate what ancients begins discovered that laughter heals sometimes ....

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Expression of Happiness

Scientific definition of laughter as follows: "expression of happiness for the extension of opening the mouth, through jerky more or less accompanied by a loud voice."

This description is not sad, explain the purpose of this "spasm happy" may prove to people only.

We have seen that laughter is good exercise for the body as "internal jogging."

Loud laughter can burn calories a lot and every hour, fast walking or riding a bike.
Theoretically you can preserve the shape that lies just on the couch and watched by a band that provided excerpts of the funniest movies.

If the act of laughter is a matter of concern (see kids ..), and after cheek is really relaxing:
Effort can go much deeper than before the laughter, and muscle relaxation ... Which we can fall in mild euphoria ...

Some patients vulnerable to severe pain, and they say suffer more when the laugh ...
When we laugh, the brain hormones that increase implemented faithfully until we, endorphins, reducing pain.

Benefits of Laughter

Psychological impact

Laughter therapy is also a positive effect on our morale, and our position in life.
In general, people with high sense of humor are less affected by stressful experiences in life, and is likely to be seen as stimulating challenges.
In addition, it will be people with high sense of humor better adjusted socially and become more attractive to others, because the laughter and the important social function.

It will also have more confidence and realistic in their assessment of themselves and more optimistic.

benefits of laughter

In short, many of the studies found, to laugh, intentionally or unintentionally, and helps reduce stress and increase tolerance of pain.

Laughter therapy also reduces blood pressure and increases the endorphins in the blood.

Laughter Therapy

While the ability of young children to be spontaneous laughter for fun, and adults laugh on average less than 20 times per day, or only for small 6 minutes

However, now scientifically proven that humor and laughter is a very positive impact on health, especially in the fight against stress. Here an overview of alternative medicine the most fun, laughter therapy.

Laughter therapy

While young children's ability to laugh spontaneously for fun, the adults laugh on average less than 20 times a day, only small for 6 minutes. However, now scientifically proven that humor and laughter is a very positive impact on health, especially in the fight against stress. Here an overview of alternative medicine the most fun, laughter therapy.

physiological effects of laughter

Laughter therapy or work physiological and psychological effects of laughter.
Physiologically, laughter increases oxygen in the body and breathing capacity through the work of the diaphragm.

It reduces muscle tension, heart and blood vessels in relation to, 20 seconds to three minutes, the crowd laughed rapid intensive walking or boating.
Would generate positive emotions, laughter has analgesic effect and enhances the immune system.

Laughter is therapeutic method more attractive than its positive effects are the same, if you decide to volunteer, and laughing for no reason.

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