Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Spirit of Tantra

The goal of Tantra is to awaken our conscience. The main principle of the spiritual path is the transcendence. Tantra teaches us to transcend our different levels of perceptions to the full awakening of our consciousness.

The spirit of Tantra can be summarized as: "Be in the course of life fully, consciously and at all times. Observe without judging, and explores to beyond your limits sensory and mental."

Tantra is the path to transcendence and not that of renunciation. Sex, from the perspective of Tantra, should not be punished or praised or even sublime, but transcended. The Tantra considers sexual energy should be used as a springboard to rise to his divine nature.

If you apply the spirit of Tantra in your daily life, you go beyond your normal perceptions in every situation of life. Tantra is not for repression, as it inevitably leads to tensions and frustrations. Tantra says, "does not repress your desires, but observe them fully, leaving nothing aside and do it with eyes wide open.

Energy Flows Inward

Then there thirty years, I had the chance to meet a new form of meditation in motion, when I saturating intrude as much discipline and stumbled in the sense of not changing. This form of meditation made me realize it was possible to think freely. I felt free to MySelf in a more open and understanding, not force me to blend into a culture that was not mine.

Through the various moving meditation that I created and has for many years, I can see the surprise and interest they generate. I see the benefits and enjoyment that everyone gets. People become aware of their mental processes and how the mind works. The body relaxes, the energy flows inward and is replaced by a regeneration
cells. The pain always comes from an energy dispute.

When energy flows freely, it gives way to harmony, joy, happiness. In this process, I created a meditation for everyone. It can be practiced at home or in group. The movements are simple and natural to the body. This can become intense and provoke strong reactions that generate a real transformation process. I observed that the body is not "crazy" when left free to its movement, it leaves emerge to consciousness
only the person can handle.

Meditation is a process of development, growth, commitment with oneself. There is no method or goal, just open up a space of receptivity. Understanding is manifested in the intimate depths of the being when the person is in a state of openness and research. Meditation is our guest and at the same time, it welcomes us.

Turned to Natural

At certain times, the center of personality was the heart, to others the hara and techniques have been designed according to these resonances. Then the center of the personality moved back to the heart and today, the brain has become systematic, organized and represses feelings.

We are now in a phase where the human being aspires to make connections between different fields of consciousness: to be both rooted in his heart, his mind, to the union itself. I met with spontaneous meditation in my relationship with nature and my profession as an artist (dance, music). Sometimes stage I felt drawn by the beauty. In this space subtle, ecstatic, where time disappears, I was one with the divine.

At 20, to better understand these conditions speaks to me, I turned to Zen meditation, macrobiotics, yoga, Tibetan. These practices were not so far from my training as a dancer. I found a strength that allowed me to train effectively with less fatigue. I found it to secure be on stage every night, technical performance, the fun and effortless. Thereafter, I practiced other forms of meditation and Yoga. He was very attractive to develop my mental strength and physical mobility and my body. In any case I do not deny the value of these teachings, but I felt it was detrimental to my spontaneity and curiosity.

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Change your Life Style

Traditionally, the lifestyle of the Eastern facilitates this approach. For us, sitting on the ground can already request a physical stamina that is not immediately accessible to everyone. Meditation can be more than a scent of exotic or become rigid in practice a limited form of fixed, calling back to the personal challenge.

In the 70s, come from India, a spiritual current novel is blown in the world. Although born of ancient knowledge, this course provides instruction specifically tailored to contemporary needs of modern man, by his language and techniques. It is no longer systematic techniques, but chaotic practices, aimed at destabilizing the influence of the mind to

find the way to the roots, and let emerge the space of meditation.

Many teachers have experienced enlightenment through the practice of ancient techniques, which attracts the modern man, keen to get results. The human being will seek solutions to their unhappiness out by techniques, methods. It is good to remember the fundamental principle Zen "self-knowledge alone is enough."

Traditional techniques have been designed to meet the needs of men of ancient times. The man of today is totally different, her body has undergone enormous changes, the quality of his mind has fundamentally changed.

Meditation in Motion

The man of today is built by increasing the power of his intellect at the expense of basic needs. It is propelled in a stressful world of professional and personal challenges where everything is accelerating, he developed his mind in duality, separation, analysis. The balance between body and spirit is strained and sometimes broken, leading to difficulties of all kinds in the physical, emotional and spiritual. Today, attitudes are changing. The need to take care of yourself is felt at the peak. Many people feel inclined towards meditation area that may seem difficult and far from home, then how?

How to move from an operation that grows to challenge, to decide, to think better and faster still, at an investment that is about the letting go of inner silence, of introspection?

Our culture and education to make us associate ascetic spirituality, religion, dogma, strict rules. We have forgotten that spirituality is in us, all around us. Meditate often resembles a practice that comes from Eastern cultures: sitting cross-legged or lotus, silently, without moving outside.

Simple Implementation

when did you meet, opted for sound therapy?

It all started with my animations such as "tea dances" in nursing homes. There I found the impact of music on some weak or in need of communication with oneself and with others. From that moment, I continued research with the aim of offering a natural and sensitive technique to rebalance and release physical and psychological-based sounds. So along with training in the Tomatis method (the language contains only what the ear hears) and operation of the two cerebral hemispheres and the memories, I explored with Alexandro Jodorowsky psycho-genealogy, family constellation and analysis of dreams. This cross disciplinary allowed me to explore psychotherapy by the breath (rebirth), holotropic breathing and meditation, mind maps and various communication techniques such as educational dialogue, nonviolent communication, transactional analysis , NLP. To unify and achieve overall consistency I have also studied the sacred geometry and the subtle energies of the megaliths and dolmens and reiki.

Following these explorations and experiments I came to music therapy and the therapy Therapeutic Vibrations. This brings in a simple implementation for the patient, the release of personal nodes and improving both physical and mental demand.

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