Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Goal of Tantra

Tantra should be considered as a global yoga. That is to say, one way to achieve mindfulness in the moment from all our activities, even the most ordinary of everyday life.

The goal of Tantra is not to promote sexual fulfillment, but to free us from our conditioning and our inhibitions. And it's partly because they are particularly numerous, persistent and pernicious in terms of sex, the Tantra gives them so important. Also, Tantra believes that when sex is discussed as a supreme yoga, it helps to release and channel our life energy.

And before that it does not rise to the high peaks of our higher energy centers, and awakening our spiritual nature, it explores the roots first, that make up our sexual dimension. And the more we repress our sexuality, the more we prevent our vital energy to rise to its final destination, our seventh chakra.

But when sex is discussed as a yoga, it becomes an extraordinary means of communion with each other. In addition, it is one of the most powerful revealing the many facets that make up our inner nature.

Thus, the Tantra we recommend to accept our animal nature as a starting point to reveal at the end of this fabulous journey, our spiritual nature.

Science of Tantra

This new awareness will make you hesitate, then definitely give you the urge to revel in dead animals. If you eat in good conscience, these new perceptions take precedence over the unique pleasure of your senses. Ultimately, you do not feed more respect for animal life and the way you t'alimenter will be profoundly changed. "

Tantra recommends to address all situations of life without repression, but with awareness and discernment. In this way, we are given our nature to transcend ordinary.

To achieve this goal, techniques are developed and the science of Tantra teaches us. But we should never forget that they are effective if put into practice the spirit of Tantra at every moment in our daily life. Tantra is the royal road to the awakening of consciousness.

It is very simplistic to consider the Tantra as a method of sexual fulfillment and personal development, as is usually the case in the West. This simplistic view that we miss the depth of the teaching of this deeply spiritual and mystical way.

Form of Meditation

So you drop a lot of your desires and fantasies without even satiated and you can free yourself from others through sustained attention and a more global view. For example, if you smoke, do it consciously. Fully explores the feelings that gives you the act of smoking. If you do this, something profound change in you. The act of smoking becomes a form of meditation and it will evolve over time. You will see that the cigarette can become a means to bring you to meditation and help to establish communication with your conscience.

Then will come when you will know that to go further you will have another tool that one. So, you say thank you to the cigarette for her assistance and you pursue your path by discovering the secrets of breathing and subtle mystique.

If you like eating meat, proceeds in the same way. Go beyond the tasting pleasure. Thus, you will end up discovering that behind the word meat is hiding another term, that of body. The body of an animal which you are partly responsible for the death, which has suffered greatly. An animal without love with the only account of its market value and taste.

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