Monday, July 18, 2011

The Secret Practice of Asanas

The ancient tradition of yoga has a specific set of esoteric items, you will rarely find well described in popular books available in the West. This is not necessarily due to the fact that Westerners do not know the secrets of yoga, but rather that some traditionally "secret practices" of the teachings of yoga does not transmit in writing, but only "mouth by ear ", from master to disciple, the spiritual guide to the aspirant, the yoga instructor to students.

It is very important to learn the exercises yogis, especially the practice of asanas, a yoga instructor who can provide you with items that normally are not written in books. How the energy flows during the execution of each technique posture is usually kept secret by Yogis, as the revelation of the force centers that are energized during each exercise. Since you will be convinced by your own practice, an ASANA properly performed, accompanied by an adequate meditation of energy flows and a secret center of power, is a hundred times more effective than practiced as a routine exercise.

There are people on their way to yoga because they are fascinated by the esoteric, they are attracted to the paranormal phenomenology or they want to achieve spiritual perfection. Even for these people, the practice of yoga postures is an essential starting point. Never overlook the importance of them, even if you consider yourself advanced practitioners, or if you have concerns over "metaphysical" and the asanas seem too practical! Only practice will reveal that the yogi asanas are a true gateway to esoteric knowledge, to enlightenment paranormal powers and towards self realization.

The Effects of Postures Yogies

The practice of postures yogies helps us to know us better. The habit of observing our bodies with care and patience while training yogi, aware of all sensations, perceptions that appear at this level and how they are correlated with certain manifestations of energy, gradually shift our vision on our body and our psyche. So we will be in better contact with our being and we understand that it is an inseparable entity, where each component (the physical, psychological mental states, emotions, thoughts, intellect) must play their role well defined for that we are beings made harmonious.

Self-knowledge is only one of the benefits of yogic asanas. Those who choose to practice the asanas note - according to its persistence in practice and the time allowed for the practice of yoga - the rapid improvement of health status, the appearance of a deep state of silence, relaxation and internalizing, global harmonization, both physically and mentally, improving flexibility. You will feel constantly full of vitality, optimism and healthy.

These postures are also useful for those who want to expand their physical, psychological and mental self-confidence, resistance to fatigue and stress, the rapid regeneration, the feeling of relaxation and well-being, deep calm, of inner balance and energy level increased.

The Science of Asanas

The yogis have studied these issues for thousands of years in detail and identified the correlation between body position and the energy with which the being of the practitioner enters into resonance. Practitioners of yoga use of certain body postures, exercises which are called "asanas," to attract beneficial energies of the macrocosm in the microcosm of their being. A yoga asana or posture technique involves maintaining a certain posture for a certain period of time and is accompanied by some specific meditation.

In the yoga tradition, it is claimed that there are approximately 8,400,000 asanas. Of these, 84 are the largest and best known. Each has specific effects in physical and mental psycho. By acting on the energy routes that run through our aura, as well as the endocrine glands, the musculature and various internal organs, yoga postures cause extremely varied range of effects, to the point where there is no be human can say he did serve no purpose to do this kind of exercise. The yoga postures can be practiced regardless or age or sex. But the state of health, flexibility and age you influence your ability to practice - especially at first. Why do they Vallent the effort to learn and practice them? Just because these postures help us be healthier, more relaxed and happier.

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