Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Natarajasana - The God of Dance

The posture of Nataraja, the God of dance

Posture singularly beautiful and yet difficult NATARAJASANA develops the will and a good sense of balance.

A special effect of this Asana is the resonance with Shiva Nataraja - The God of the cosmic dance. It is said, in legend, as Shiva created the universe dancing. Each rhythmic movement has given rise to the level of the event, such as MUDRA awaken in us different types of energy. By conducting regular NATARAJASANA can enter a deep state of meditation in which one knows the mysterious aspects of the creation of the world.

The technique of execution

Performance of the left side

The position is the start up, back straight and hands relaxed along the body. The left leg is folded back, grabbing the ankle with your left hand. The right leg will remain perfectly tight while running posture. It rises as much as possible the left foot. Now it catches the ball of left foot, also with the right hand. The palms crossed catch the ball of left foot, approaching as possible to the top of the head, bent, too, to the rear. In the final step of this ideal posture, the foot is stuck in the left top of the head. The eyes remain open in a state of meditation and internal fixation. During execution, we will seek to achieve the best possible state of immobility.

Practitioners of Yoga

"When I started practicing yoga in the first year, I noticed the extraordinary effects of asanas. I suffered at the time of cervical spondylosis, migraine and chronic constipation. After only a few weeks of practice, a beginner as I was at the time, these problems have completely disappeared. For 15 years I have kept the habit of starting the day with a session of asanas about an hour. It helps me to be in shape, having excellent physical condition, to be always in a good state of mind and still be healthy. "- Mariana

"I understood the importance of asanas only after several years of progress. At first I was just fascinated by meditation. Gradually I realized that the asanas provide an indispensable basis for meditation. The energization of the centers of power, peace of mind, the harmonization at the emotional level, are impossible to achieve through meditation, for someone who does not perfected the practice of asanas, and he who has attained perfection in practice, never commit the mistake to abandon it. "- Dan

Stories of Some Practitioners Of Yoga

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