Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is Integral Yoga?

Our course is a yoga class in full. The integral Yoga is a combination of specific methods traditionally used for the harmonious development of every aspect of the human being: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual.

The Integral Yoga is a system that combines different branches or forms of yoga to achieve a full development of all the latent possibilities of the individual above.

Some forms of yoga are enseignéesdans part of our ongoing

Hatha Yoga which includes: body postures with special benefits complexes (asanas), deep relaxation (shavasana), control and pace of breaths by breathing (pranayama), the fundamental processes of purification (kriya), the mental meditation processes which match the body by making it as smooth and relaxed as possible. All these exercises concerted increase vitality, provide a total health and help cure various diseases.

With the help of an adequate diet, the physical body is gradually and completely purified, and it's as well as the impurities are removed and at the same time, thereby creating the conditions that vitamins and trace elements are better used and assimilated by the system. In doing so, the body and mind are completely changed, and the practitioner acquires in a short time control over the mind.

Final Awareness

The meditation of the implementation of the right side
The focus is to collect the activation of subtle energy center Manipura Chakra in its aspect emissivity control. It captures the amplification of the will, the self-confidence. We perceive the energizing the solar plexus, the organs of the abdominal area, the free flow of energy on the column.

At the end it raises awareness of the differences that occur in states run on the left side and right side respectively, the polarity of the energy at the center subtle energy Manipura Chakra, the balance of energies at this level.
The physical effects of this asana are, first, the elasticity and muscle stimulation. The back, knees, feet, hips acquired the elasticity and flexibility. The asana effectively combat cellulite. It has strong effects on the digestive system deep.

NATARAJASANA gives us an inner balance, strength and determination. It amplifies the subtle energy in us the fire.


Thai Tea Mix

Tea lovers could sample the Thai Tea recipe and try the Thai Tea mix with its unique taste which contains Thai black tea leaves, star anis together with other Thai spices and comes with a set of 17 0z.with cotton tea filters, 2 x 17 oz with 2 filter bags and 2 x 17 oz with 3 filter tea bags. This drink is a great option in giving one the relaxation at work or home. Thai tea is practically very simple and easy to follow. The process can be started with heating 9 cups of water, adding 1.5 cup Thai tea powder and mixing it well, then adding 1 cup sugar. The decoction is dark red and is poured through filter bags and is consumed without milk and is known as Cha Dum Yen. For Thai Iced Tea, the decoction can be poured into ice filled glass which gives it a dark red color. If one needs to add an extra flavor to this drink one can do so by adding 6 to 18 tablespoons of condensed milk which gives it an orange color also known as Cha Yen. Cha Ron and Chan Dum Ron are hot Thai tea served with or without milk. If one needs to further enhance its taste a lime can be added to Thai mix to give it a tangy taste known as Cha Ma-now.

One will find Thai Iced tea sold in everyplace in Thailand, from big restaurants to small wayside cafes. Thai tea mix is available on most websites and the user can register and after setting up an account, can order the same from them. Setting up an account with them also enables them to track their order once it is placed with them as well as helps in the interaction and coordination that may be needed all through the process from ordering right up to the delivery of the ordered product.